How to Find Someone’s Phone Number by Name for Free

These days we get a lot of spam phone calls from unknown numbers. Oftentimes, it can become necessary for us to check who exactly is calling us, and to do this, we would have to check who the number is registered. But finding someone’s personal phone number can be pretty tricky. The reason is phone numbers are entirely private, and public directories do not store them.

find someone’s phone number by name

But there are still a few ways by which you may be able to find someone’s personal or business phone numbers by name.

There are several reasons why someone wants to find a person’s phone number by name. You might be trying to find out about an old friend or associate. You might be trying to contact a family member with whom you have been out of touch for a long time.

You might also be getting spam scam calls from certain numbers, and you wish to check if the numbers belong to certain people you suspect.

In addition, you might be trying to do an investigation that requires you to check on someone’s phone number. Thus, there can be various reasons.

Here you can find a complete guide on how to find someone’s phone number with their name for free.

How to Find Someone’s Phone Number by Name

1. Look at Their Social Media Profiles

On the internet, there is no specific and perfect way to find somebody’s personal phone number by name.

If you are friends with someone on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media sites, you can check and see if they have mentioned their contact information in their profiles. You may also try to ask them about their phone numbers.

In case you are not friends with the person on Facebook or other social media sites, you can try to ask someone who knows them and then ask them. You can also use your mutual friends feature to provide you with their numbers.

This advice might appear quite obvious, but it is extremely easy and quite effective in helping you acquire people’s phone numbers.

All you need to do is check the About section and look for the Contact and Basic Information. You can check if they have provided their number under the Contact Information section.

find someone’s phone number by name

When you do not see this information mentioned here, you will have no other way to find the number out other than directly sending the person a message and requesting it. Certain social media platforms allow you to reverse lookup phone numbers quickly, but other platforms can be complex in this respect.

Thus, if you cannot locate somebody’s phone number on social media websites, you can try to check for the person in online directories. But these directories cover only the landline numbers.

2. Online Directories

If you know that the person whose number you want is part of some organization, group, or committee, then you can try to go to that organization’s website and look up the name. You can also check online directories in specific regions.

There are also many premium web applications that store people’s numbers and data for analytical and marketing purposes. You can subscribe to these services and try to find the necessary cell phone numbers and such personal details.

In case you cannot find someone’s number either on social media websites or in the online directories, then you will have to try harder to get the number. Such information is mostly kept private and guarded, and people do not like sharing their contact details online. You can also try to Google their phone numbers, but it is certain that you will not get any useful results.

3. Finding Business Phone Number

Finding a business phone number is relatively much easier. A lot of business owners want to share their contact information, they would like you to contact them more often, and hence, they advertise their phone numbers in public all the time. IT can be more difficult to reach customer service than reaching the company employees directly. A lot of business owners would prefer that you, as a client, can reach them easily, and hence, they encourage people to call them.

Business owners would generally place their phones in a place that easily catches attention on their professional business websites. You may have seen that several business websites have a specific section called the “Contact Us” and “Customer Service” and all essential contact information and phone numbers are provided here. A few local and smaller businesses may not have their own websites but they would have social media pages and there, you can find their contact information also.

In business organizations, which have several stores at several locations, you should choose the “Locator” option in their website to find the contact information of their local branch. It will generally show you the phone numbers where you should call to reach that particular location. Of course you can also use Google Maps to find out the numbers.

Thus, if the person, whose number you want, is either a business owner or a professional working in any industry, then you may try to locate their business phone numbers. These numbers are more easily available online. If you do not find their number, then you try to use their colleague’s number and then ask them about the concerned phone.


There are several ways by which you can try and find people’s phone numbers by name. You may look up their names on different social media websites. You may contact them directly through social media and ask for their number.

For more emergency purposes, you can ask your mutual friends for contact information. Business phone numbers are easier to find than personal numbers.

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