Does Deleting Onlyfans Account Cancel Subscriptions?

Do you think that you haven’t changed over time? Maybe not. With time, both we and our passions and interests change. What should we do in these situations? Get rid of what we no longer find interesting, right? That is what we do with the OnlyFans account after we lose interest in it. We delete the account, uninstall the application from the device, and then move on to other platforms that capture our attention.

does deleting onlyfans account cancel subscriptions

But is deleting your account on the platform really that easy? Well, yes, it is, and we’ll go over the steps in more detail later, but for now, let’s talk about another deletion-related issue. Does deleting the OnlyFans account cancel subscriptions? Have you given it a thought?

You can’t delete your account for good with lingering doubts, right? Please be at peace; our blog will help you find these answers. So, let’s get right to it and find out the answers.

Does Deleting Onlyfans Account Cancel Subscriptions?

Let’s go to the point: All your subscriptions will be immediately canceled if you delete your OnlyFans account. Therefore, all account data tied to your profile, including your payment information, will be removed. So, how will OnlyFans charge you more if you don’t mention a payment method?

You must follow these steps to remove your account for a better understanding of account deletion on OnlyFans.

Steps to delete the OnlyFans account:

Step 1: To begin, you must head to the OnlyFans account on your browser.

Step 2: Enter your login email and password next and hit the log in button.

Step 3: Choose your profile icon from the bottom navigation menu. You can see it in the far right corner.

Step 4: An options list will pop up in the right panel. Go for Settings in the list.

Step 5: You will be directed to the Settings page. Press the Account option to proceed.

Step 6: Now, scroll to the bottom and find the Account Management section. There must be a Delete Account option here. Click on it.

Step 7: Verify the captcha code you receive here.

Step 8: Tap the Delete account option next.

Step 9: In the final steps, go for the Yes, delete option to remove your account permanently from OnlyFans.

Remember, no future fees will be charged once you remove your account, and any subscriptions will be canceled and cannot be renewed.

You must keep a few things in mind before you delete your OnlyFans account for good. We’ll talk both about the creator and subscribers here.

Creators, you cannot get rid of your account if you have active subscriptions on the site. You must provide the services until it expires; after that, you are free to head out.

According to OnlyFans Terms of Service, once you initiate the delete account process as a creator, your account will remain open until the last data of your Fans’ paid subscription.

Remember, you will receive your final payment, and your account will be removed from the platform. Once you leave, the only way to regain access to OnlyFans is by signing up for a new account.

Subscribers, your subscription money is non-refundable! Once the transaction is processed, you don’t get it back, no matter what. But the app states that your account deletion request will take place within a reasonable time. The app typically gives you a 30-day time to rethink your decision.

Please contact the support team for help if you have any issues canceling subscriptions. See the section below for additional information on how to contact them.

Contact the OnlyFans support team for help 

You should review the terms of the service of the channel to which you have subscribed. It helps to determine whether you need to actively unsubscribe by contacting OnlyFans support.

You can contact them at and ask them to cancel your subscription if that’s the case. The platform’s purchases are final, and only the support team can help you with the refund if they believe there are valid grounds for doing so.

Alternatively, you can fill out the OnlyFans contact form. Briefly inform them of the issue and await a response. Try both of these techniques; hopefully, they will work in your favor!

In the end

You are free to leave the platform at any time without restriction from OnlyFans. However, as users, we worry when there’s money involved.

Thus, we addressed the question, “does deleting the Onlyfans account cancel subscriptions.” Please read the entire section carefully and ask any questions you may have.

If you have any difficulties deleting your account with an active subscription, we’ve also detailed how to get in touch with OnlyFans support.

You can forward the blog to all the OnlyFans users you know so they stay informed. You can follow us for more OnlyFans-related news!

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