How to Know If Someone Blocked You on POF

Have you made up your mind to embrace the online dating culture at this point? There is no denying that if you are familiar with the online dating industry, you are acquainted with POF. However, the online dating scenes could become too daunting for you if you are a newbie. Your head could spin from the massive number of online dating platforms. Don’t worry; you can start out with POF. This dating app has been a major presence in online dating world and is among the most popular choices in this arena.

know if someone blocked you on pof

We know that much of the exposure for an online dating service comes from word-of-mouth. Therefore, it is not all that odd if you have at least heard of this app in passing.

Having trouble thinking of the best ways to describe yourself on dating apps? POF is the ideal solution for you, then. Allow yourself to express yourself since you have more flexibility to write on this platform than on other well-known dating services.

This app is also a great option if you don’t mind taking a chance but don’t have much money to invest. It is also less expensive than other dating websites.

Blocking people on online platforms is widespread. So, let’s figure out how to confirm it if you believe you are on the receiving end of the blow. Today’s blog will explore how to determine if someone has blocked you on POF.

How to Know If Someone Blocked You on POF

Do you know that if someone blocks on POF, you can still search and view their profiles? Therefore, this method for determining whether someone has blocked you on social media platforms is ineffective for POF.

However, that does not imply that there aren’t any alternative options. So, give the options we’ve listed below a try and see whether they’re a right choice for you.

Try sending them a message

Blocking is always a reaction to a negative or uncomfortable situation. However, being blocked when you have done nothing wrong can be awful. In any case, it is a normal sight. Note that if you have done anything wrong, it is important to change your behavior so that you never make the same error twice.

 If you suddenly get ghosted by someone on the app, you try to give them time and space. But now you have a strange feeling that they may have blocked you. Have you ever gone through it?

Anyways, getting blocked by someone when you thoughts things were going somewhere between the two of you is next-level pain.

How would you confirm this assumption? We all know that POF doesn’t let you know when someone has blocked you.

However, if you send them a message after being blocked, it will let you know that they have done so. So, if you want to message them, you won’t be able to, no matter how much you try.

So, you must try sending the person a message to see if they have blocked you. We promise that none of the alternatives will fare as well as this one.

Seeing if your conversations are available

We have a backup plan in case the first option should fall through for any reason. As you might already know, when someone blocks you on POF, the chat you had with them is wiped from the app.

Therefore, if you are unable to view the messages, it can mean that you have been blocked. Wondering why it isn’t a definite indicate of it? We consider this a hint because your POF messages, assuming they are still in your inbox, are bound to vanish after 30 days in any case. The platform does this to maintain order in your inbox.

It’s also possible that the person who sent those messages has removed their profile from the app. So, the reason for the conversations not surfacing might be due to a lot of reasons.

But we still need to remember that blocking is one of them. It won’t hurt to see if your chats with that individual are stored or not on the app!

In the end

As today’s blog comes to a close, let’s talk about the key takeaways. We answered one commonly asked question about Plenty of Fish: How to know if someone blocked you on POF?

Plenty of Fish is a popular app that has stood out from other dating sites in the online world. There are at least two techniques by which you can determine if a user has blocked you on the app.

First off, you try sending them a message and see if it gets across or not. You can also check whether your conversations are still up on POF or they have disappeared.

You are welcome to browse more of our website’s how-to guides if you would like. Share the blog with anyone who is using POF and seeking similar solutions!

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