How to Fix “That username is taken. Try another” in Gmail

Google Gmail is a free e-mail service provided by Google. It is accessible via the web, POP3, or IMAP. Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail/Windows Live Mail, and Inbox.Com are some of Gmail’s competitors. Each Gmail member’s space is increased by a small amount every second, and as of July 26, 2012, Google provides each account with approximately 10272 MB of space. Since its initial release in 2004, Gmail has grown in popularity.

that username is taken try another

With the demise of Yahoo!, AOL, and Hotmail, an increasing number of people are turning to Google’s services. As Gmail keeps on updating its version to meet the expectation of client Gmail and Inbox by Gmail will begin supporting responsive design emails later this month, which means their content will adapt to fit screens of all sizes. Text, links, and even buttons will enlarge to make it easier to read and tap on a smaller screen. If you’re on a desktop, you’ll notice improvements as well, because emails designed for mobile can also be adapted to fit larger screens.

Gmail is an email for many people. It’s one of the best email services available, not only because of its features and usability but also because it provides a very generous 15GB of free storage for consumers. If you’ve used up that space, or simply want a fresh start, creating a new Gmail account is incredibly simple. Perhaps you’ve started a new business and require a more professional-sounding address, or perhaps your name has changed and you require a new email address. Newcomers to Android will discover that they must use a Gmail address to log in and get started.

To create an account on Gmail is too simple and easy, providing your name, surname, your contact, creating a username and password details in the form given by Gmail will make your account active within minutes.  But sometimes the due same name or surname user may find it difficult to create a username.

As your username should be unique and should not have been used by anyone in past makes your task a bit difficult. Sometimes it becomes so difficult that users are unable to create an account as they are not able to match the requirements provided by Gmail to create a username. Users are getting errors like ‘username is already in use’ or ‘username already taken’. To fix such an error we have mentioned a list below which will help the user to solve their username problem and the user will able to create a Gmail account hassle freely.

Here are Hacks to help you come up with easy to remember and also fixing your error of username already taken.

How to Fix “That username is taken. Try another” in Gmail

1. Use a Part of Your Name

Sometimes due to the same name, Gmail does not allow you to create a username on your know name as it has already been taken in past by someone. Names like John, Michal, Rohan, Rahul, Raj are common names which you can find many. So taking only a part of your name may help you to create your username for example @mic (Michal).

2. Use Your Initials

User should use their own initiative to create a username that would be easy to remember and also hassle-free to create your username. Sometimes using your middle name is very much useful to create your username and it also makes your username unique and easy to remember Ex: @SarahKSilverman (Sarah K Silverman)

3. Say What You Do

This makes your username attractive as well as gives a professional look too. Using your profession to create your username will help the client and your fans to remember your id easily and also show your profession to someone who is not aware of it. For example, if you are a blogger @bloggerfatema. This will show your profession as well as look attractive and unique.

4. Add ‘Real’, ‘Official’, ‘The’ to your Username

Using such words will make your username unique as well as genuine. Adding words like Real and Official makes your identity stiff. The fans and followers of users get stiff to search you by your official username or real username and followers are also been satisfied that yes they are following or mailing to the official or real person only. Adding such words makes your username genuine and matchless. Ex. @OfficialDigvijay @RealGilbert

5. Use Your Location

One can use their city name or their country to create a unique and exclusive username. Using your country name shows your patriotism as well as it will become easy to remember. For example, if you live in New York City you can use @NYCJohn or @IndianVirat.

6. Add Mr, Miss, or Mrs

To create a unique username on Gmail you can use Mr or Miss before your name. Sometimes users want their full name to be used in their username. User doesn’t want to use their surname or nickname but due to limitation of Gmail user are unable to use their full name. So by adding Mr. or Mrs. to the username may help the user to create a username with their full name ex. @Mr.johnson or @Miss.nancy.

This is a guide that helps you to create your username easily and hassle-free. Hope this will help you to create an attractive unique and as per the requirement of Gmail username.

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