How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Gmail (Updated 2024)

Know if Someone Blocked Your Email: Gmail has grown to become one of the leading web-based apps for personal and corporate conversations. Whether you need to send attachments or a simple text to a colleague, the most professional way to do that is by sending a mail to the target. The platform has recently added a few interesting features that take your experience to a whole new level.

know if someone blocked your email on gmail

Blocking someone’s email address is one such advanced feature that gives you an opportunity to remove a person from your Gmail directly.

It is for those who don’t want emails or any kind of messages from a person. If you want to stop receiving texts from someone, you can block their email address and you will never get texts from them.

But how to know if someone blocked you on Gmail? Is there any way to tell if someone blocked your email on Gmail?

Let’s find out.

Is it Possible to Know if Someone Blocked Your Email on Gmail?

Unfortunately, there is no direct way to know if someone blocked your email on Gmail. The platform has no feature that lets you see who blocked you on Gmail. But that does not mean you can’t find out if your email address is blocked.

When you are blocked from someone’s Gmail contact list, any email you send will go into the spam or junk folder. For the person to see your emails, they will have to check the spam folders. There is a chance the person might never check your message.

People wonder why they don’t get a reply to the emails they sent to the target. The common reason why you must not be getting a reply is that the user has blocked you.

Here we will show you a few alternative ways to know if someone blocked you on Gmail.

How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Gmail

Hangout is a messaging app connected to your Google Mail account. You need the email of the person to be able to send them a hangout text. One way to confirm if the target has blocked you on Gmail is by checking their hangouts.

Method 1: Emails Bouncing Back

One of the common signs that may suggest you’ve been blocked on Gmail is if your emails are consistently bouncing back with an error message. This could indicate that the person has restricted communication with you.

However, it’s important to note that email delivery issues can arise for various reasons, such as technical glitches or changes in email settings. Therefore, it’s not conclusive evidence of being blocked.

Method 2: Send Message on Hangouts

For PC:

  • Open Gmail on your PC and log in to your account.
  • Head over to the Hangouts section at the left-bottom of the screen. Here most recent messages are shown by default.
  • Now, find the person you think might have blocked your email address.
  • Send a message to a particular person and if the message is sent, they haven’t blocked you.
  • However, if the message is not delivered, it’s confirmed that the person has blocked you.

For Mobile:

  • Open the Hangouts app and send a message to the person you think has blocked you.
  • If your message is not delivered, you are blocked.
  • If the message is sent successfully without any caution, then they’ve not blocked you.

However, you may not be comfortable sending them a text. If they have not blocked you on Gmail, they will receive the message and there is no way you can unsend the message.

So, you can follow the next method to know if someone has blocked you on Gmail without sending them a text.

Method 3: Add a Person on Hangouts

  • Open your Gmail and head over to the hangouts section.
  • Tap on + sign that is after your name, add the email of the person you think has blocked you & refresh the page.
  • You will not see their profile icon in the list if the person has blocked you.
  • Now, the person has blocked you is confirmed.

So, if their profile icon is not visible, you can be certain that you are blocked from their Gmail contact list.

The recipient could have blocked your Gmail simply because they think you are a spammer or they might do that if they do not want to receive your texts.

Final Words:

Either way, once you are blocked, there is no way you can reach out to the person with the same email. You can only hope that they check their spam folders and find your messages there. But that rarely works. So, your only option is to connect with the target through another Gmail account and convince them to unblock you.

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