How to Get Twitter Username from Inactive Account (Claim Inactive Twitter Username)

Get an Inactive Twitter Username: We all have experienced this issue while creating a new account on Twitter. Earlier, it was easy for people to get any username they wanted because of fewer accounts. But, as the popularity of Twitter has skyrocketed, it is almost impossible to get a username on the first attempt (unless it is a weird combination of letters and digits).

claim inactive twitter username

The worst part is that some of these usernames are acquired by people who are no longer active on Twitter. There has been no activity reported from these accounts for the past 6 months.

That doesn’t mean Twitter will suspend their accounts or make their usernames available for you. Even if the account has been inactive for a really long time, you can’t use their usernames.

Of course, you could make a few changes to your username so that it looks unique. You will find tons of fonts that can make your username stand out in the crowd.

But what if you want the same username?

Well, guess what? It’s possible to get the username of an inactive account.

You can always try to claim inactive Twitter username account.

There are several ways to claim inactive usernames but keep in mind there is no official way to do that.

In this post, you will learn how to get an inactive Twitter username that’s already been taken.

How to Get Twitter Username from Inactive Account (Claim Inactive Twitter Username)

Step 1: Get Your Top Level Domain (TLD)

Once you have found the username, secure your corresponding TLD first. It refers to your top-level domain with a dot com (and other) extensions.

For example, if you choose MarkGlickerman as your Twitter username, get Get a matching domain for your desired username. Remember that if you ever decide to set up your website in the future, you might face difficulty in finding a domain that matches your Twitter username.

So, it’s better to get it NOW.

Step 2: Add it to Your Twitter

The website is where you want to direct your Twitter viewers. So, add your website domain link to your Twitter account as your main website.

Step 3: Make Sure the Profile is Inactive

Remember we are talking about the usernames of only inactive profiles, which Twitter describes as people who haven’t used the platform for over 6 months. There is an egg-like icon on the profiles of users who have been inactive on Twitter. So, that’s one way to know if they are inactive.

Now, this post is not for those who want to take a username of an active account. So, if you see the account’s followers growing every day or the stats are changing occasionally, you are out of luck. But, if you are positive the person is inactive, here’s what you should do.

Step 4: Report It To Twitter (Get Inactive Twitter Handle)

If you find an account on social media that claims to be you, then you have the right to file the impersonation claim. You could use this trick to file an impersonation report against the Twitter user whose username you want. Let us remind you again, this trick is only for inactive accounts. Enter the target’s username and enter your current username.

claim inactive twitter username
  • Please tell us more: Select “I am being impersonated”.
claim inactive twitter username
  • After selecting the above options, it will open a new form.
  • Next, enter the required information such as the Email Address, Username of the account you are reporting, and explain why you think the Twitter username should be released.
claim inactive twitter username
  • Next, upload a copy of your valid government-issued photo ID such as a driver’s license or passport. Your ID is used only to confirm your identity. Tap on the submit button.
claim inactive twitter username
  • That’s it, within 24 hours, you will receive an update on your request from Twitter support.

Step 5: Wait for the Email

You will get a response either immediately or within 3 working days. Just wait for it. Twitter will most likely give you a few options to choose from. Select the one that seems most suitable.

Alternative Ways to Get Inactive Twitter Handle

1. Purchase Username

If you can get hold of the Twitter name without actually involving Twitter, it is the easiest way out. You can contact the Twitter account owner. However, it could be hard to get a response as the account would be inactive.

Try to find the person and request a username transfer in exchange for a sum that suits your pocket. But remember that squatting on a username to keep someone else from registering it violates Twitter rules. Therefore, you must read and understand Twitter’s guidelines and policies before you make this move.

2. Choose a Similar Twitter Name

So, it may sound like a no-brainer as you may have already considered it. But, it is worth mentioning. If you have tried all the above methods and nothing has worked for you, your last resort is to choose a similar username.

You can add an underscore or a simple dot to make your name as close to the target’s username as possible. It will save you the hassle of filing impersonation and other issues. You could also use this to your advantage by adding your business name after your username. It is a perfect way to represent your brand.

3. Wait for a Twitter Purge

If the account has been inactive for a long time, there is a chance that Twitter might remove it from the platform automatically without you having to do any heavy lifting.

So, keep checking their account to see if it has been removed. Until then, you can use a slightly changed username. However, this method doesn’t guarantee anything. There is also a chance the account will remain inactive on Twitter for years.

claim inactive twitter username

4. Trademark the Name

One way to get the legal right to report the user to Twitter is by obtaining a patent for the username. You can file a copyright case against the username and claim their username if you manage to get a trademark. Twitter will give you the account if you hold the trademark for it. However, it is a little time-consuming and expensive process. Consider it only if you are super serious about getting the same username.

5. Workarounds For Larger Brands

Have you ever seen “official” at the end of a username on Instagram and Twitter? Well, it is most commonly used by artists and famous people who want to show that they own certain brands or are real artists. It is usually done to distinguish their accounts from fake accounts.

claim inactive twitter username

6. Assess the Possibility

Keep in mind that getting an active account is way more complicated than claiming an inactive one. Here are a few things that can help increase your chances of getting the desired username:

  • It was created years ago.
  • It has no profile photo.
  • Has no followers or only a few followers
  • Has no tweets, or the tweets are very old
  • You own exactly the same TLD domain (.co or .com)

You own exactly the same usernames on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

If the inactive account you wish to claim ticks on these checklists, you have a high probability of claiming it.

7. Work on Preparing Your Account

You need to have some preparation to brush up on your existing account. Consider using your real name, complete your bio, upload profile as well as background pictures, add your website, all other required information, and ensure that you are active on the platform.

This will clearly showcase that you will actively use the handle you are claiming instead of abandoning it.

There is a possibility that you could get that inactive username in a couple of days. But it is also possible that it could take a couple of years. Initially, you will receive an auto-reply. It could take a while until you receive the glorious email! Therefore, be persistent and keep submitting those reports!

Final Words:

The first prerequisite for you before you claim an inactive account is to read on Twitter’s policy. That will give you an idea of what is planned for the future and what options do you have now.

The success ratio of claiming inactive Twitter accounts is getting lower each year. You can always access the Inactive Account Policy on the official website.

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