How to See Someone’s Recent Followers on Twitter

In the social networking world that we are currently living in, there are just two powerhouses of the hour. One is Twitter and the other is Facebook. And people that already have a Twitter account, very well understand the power of a small tweet.

see someone's recent followers on twitter

One can get many followers and this increases the reach, but most of the time people are just following a handful of people. Twitter is presently one of the fastest-growing websites in the field of social media today. There are presently 328 million users and about a billion unique visits on the sites that are embedded with the tweets. Currently, 82% of the users stay active on mobile phones.

Every week, several questions are sent to use regarding the problems linked with social media asking for answers. But when there is a specific interesting query related to Twitter that emerged last week, we felt the need of sharing the solution with all of you.

So here is the answer to “How to See Someone’s Recent Followers on Twitter”? But if you are new to the platform, you must understand a few basics first as well. So let’s begin!

What is meant by following on Twitter?

Following a user over Twitter means:

  • You have subscribed to the tweets they publish as a follower.
  • You are going to see their updates on the home timeline.
  • That person will be able to send you a Direct Message.

How to See Someone’s Recent Followers on Twitter

Are you actively following people over Twitter? Well, several users don’t post tweets personally but like to know about what others have tweeted and get information. Similar to the way your follower gets listed in reverse chronology, so do the users that you follow. So if you had followed somebody in the last few days, you can see them on top of your list.

Therefore, you will be able to see someone’s recent followers by checking their list and the names on top will be the ones that were recent followers. It’s that simple!

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