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We have always relied on social media sites like Facebook to stay in contact with distant relatives and long-lost childhood friends who live on the other side of the world. The application itself has greatly impacted how we live. It provides a unique setting to enjoy life, reminding us of our dearest cousin’s birthdays and allowing us to express ourselves freely. However, nowadays, the prevalence of bogus Facebook profiles has made it urgent for users to worry about a profile’s legitimacy.

fake facebook account checker

These accounts are created to fool users into thinking they are someone else and mislead them. Occasionally, users create them with the sole intent of stalking someone.

It is well known that a fake account’s objective is to appear real to avoid getting discovered. But you can look for several telltale indications to identify them.

So, we’ll talk about recognizing fraudulent Facebook accounts in this blog. Let’s go straight into the details.

Fake Facebook account checker

You have more than one indicator to show if the person you’re friends with is genuine, ranging from Facebook checkers to a person’s full Facebook feed. Wear your spy hats and learn the secrets to identify a phony Facebook account right away in the upcoming sections.

Method 1: Verify the user’s Facebook display picture

A picture tells a thousand stories; you cannot deny it. Fake accounts will always feature impersonal, generic images. Perhaps a quick Google search will also reveal where these images came from.

If you have any doubts regarding the legitimacy of the image, you can verify it by searching for it at Google Images. Check to determine if everyone you accepted as a friend over a certain period has the same profile photo by cross-checking their pictures. You will know that they are fake accounts if such is the case.

We will provide step-by-step instructions if you want assistance using Google Images. So, please grab your gadgets and follow the guide.

Steps to use Google Images:

Step 1: Visit Google Images on your browser.

Step 2: Tap on the camera icon (search by image option) at the bottom right corner.

Step 3: You have three options next: Drag an image, upload a file, or paste the image link. Choose your preference accordingly.

Step 4: Now, hit the search option on the screen and wait for the results.

Method 2: Verify any content they have posted to their account

You can always check the uploaded content to confirm the legitimacy of a Facebook account. Please browse the timeline and profile of the target person to see their posting pattern.

Do they share real photos of their loved ones, acquaintances, or colleagues? Perhaps the images seem excessively fake, or they haven’t updated their profiles at all! The last two indications go strongly toward a fake Facebook account.

Method 3: Send a message to them

Have you tried to contact a suspected fake Facebook account? Try it out since it can help you learn a lot about the authenticity of their profile.

Consider trying to figure out how they communicate. After striking up a discussion, you can inquire about their personal lives to observe how they respond. Please don’t try to force your questions because they might not reply to you at all.

First, check if the messages appear automatically created, maybe using bots. Secondly, note whether they take a while to respond. Thirdly, you must also verify whether they respond to you at all! These three signs are strong indicators that it’s a false account!

Method 4: Assess their friends and followers

You must pay greater attention to the friends and followers of the target user. Please try looking for interactions between these accounts and examine those profile timelines to see if you can access their friends’ and followers’ profiles.

If the timeline is empty and all the profiles are blank, we know the answers very well. These bogus profiles frequently have many followers and likes as well. They buy fake followers, essentially dead or inactive accounts, to increase their fame and make people believe in their authenticity.

Method 5: Look up other social media

You have the person’s name and profile photo from the allegedly fake Facebook account, correct? Why don’t you now look them up on other social networking sites?

Check whether you can locate the individual by looking for their true name on popular social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. The user may occasionally include a link to their other social media accounts on Facebook. You must look for the link on their timeline or profile and follow it.

If they are false accounts, their other platform profiles will have the same profile photo and weird random posts and stories. However, it is quite likely that the Facebook account is fake if you search for them and get no results.

Method 6: Facebook Checker 2.9

Facebook Checker is a fake Facebook account detector that is free to use. The tool makes it convenient to review Facebook profiles to detect fake images, letting you know if a person’s pictures are theirs or were just stolen from another site.

All you need to do is click the download button and wait for it to install before adding your profile link and quickly scanning the target user’s profile. The tool will show you the result and indicate whether or not the account is legitimate.

The bottom line

Fake Facebook profiles are becoming frequent on the social networking platform. In fact, it’s alarming how quickly and readily people can create fake profiles on social media, and sometimes we don’t even realize it.

Please watch for the warning signals and try not to fall into their clever traps because if we are not on guard, our blind optimism might cost us. Be careful to block and report any fake accounts you see on Facebook so they may no longer hurt other users.

Please feel free to leave any further questions in the comments section. You can check out our website for more Facebook-related blogs.

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