How to Delete Poll on Facebook Messenger

Facebook has emerged as the best social media app for not only socializing and making friends but also to create a brand image for your business. Messenger Polls have been an important component of advertising and marketing on social media. You can create a custom poll directed at your target audience and gauge their interests by recording their responses.

delete poll on facebook messenger

Polls also come in handy in studying your competition and their outreach among your primary consumers. That is the reason why polls have been so popular on Facebook recently.

They let you visualize the statistics and numbers firsthand from your audience and lay down for you all the estimates needed to understand and influence your consumers or followers.

If you own a page on Facebook, you often have used polls in a messenger chat room to take people’s opinions on a certain topic. Once the poll has been done and you have all the required data, it is rendered pointless. In that case, you have the provision to delete a useless poll.

If you’re new to Messenger, this guide will tell you how to delete Facebook Messenger Poll.

Sound’s good? Let’s get started.

What is a Facebook Messenger Poll?

A poll on Messenger is like a voting booth where you are presented with a window with a question, two or more answers, and you can choose an option that best aligns with your opinion. The poll creator will be able to see and record your response, which may or may not lead to action.

These polls can be created in a chat room on Messenger or a Facebook page. If the poll is created on a page, all the page followers will be able to see and participate in the poll.

But if the poll is created in the Messenger chat room, only the chat participants will be able to view and respond to the poll.

How to Delete Poll on Facebook Messenger

Unfortunately, you cannot delete the Facebook Messenger poll or neither you hide it from the other members. But if you still want to delete the poll, you need to clear the entire Messenger group chat.

Here’s how you can delete the Messenger Group Chat:

  • Open Messenger and log in to your account.
  • Navigate to the poll you want to delete.
delete poll on facebook messenger
  • Select the Info icon at the top.
delete poll on facebook messenger
  • Tap on three dots and click on delete conversation.
delete poll on facebook messenger
  • That’s it, poll and other messages will be deleted.

Final Words:

I hope this article helped let you delete a closed or unused poll from your Facebook Messenger. If you have any questions then feel free to comment below.

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