How to View Old Facebook Stories

View Old Facebook Stories: Facebook has become quite a maze these days. With an exciting range of functions and some smart features, the platform has become the users’ ideal solution for nearly all kinds of activities.

view old facebook stories

The developers keep updating the app with new functions and they also change the interface regularly to offer a seamless user experience to you.

Like other social networking sites, Facebook has launched the story option where you could check multiple user stories in simple clicks. Unlike posts that remain on your timeline permanently, Facebook stories get deleted automatically from your Facebook account in the next 24 hours of your posting. That means the story you have posted on Facebook will be removed quickly.

But, what if you are interested in watching the old stories that you may have published earlier? Well, there is an option available for those who’d like to save the story for the future.

If you enable the button called “Archive”, you will be able to view all Facebook stories without any disruption. And, these stories are going to be available to you as long as you don’t delete them permanently. Without further ado, let’s check out the steps for viewing old stories on Facebook.

How to View Old Stories on Facebook

Right under the settings button, you are going to find the “old stories” option where you can view all your previously posted Facebook stories (even the ones that got deleted from your account).

The good news is that the old stories button for Facebook users is on by default. However, if due to a certain reason, you have disabled the button, you could always turn it on. You could view all your previously published stories on Facebook. But, what if you want to check the stories published by your friends or Facebook contacts?

It is important to note that checking the stories published by your friends on Facebook is never an easy task.

Here, we are talking about the old stories. In this post, we have mentioned a few ways you can view the old stories posted by your friends and groups on Facebook. Let’s discuss the steps for viewing your old stories on Facebook:

Steps for Checking the Facebook Stories on Mobile

Step 1: Check the home page of Facebook and open your profile by clicking on your profile photo

Step 2: Right below the profile photo, you will see the three dots. Click this option and select “Archive”.

Step 3: As you scroll right, you will see the “story archive” button

Step 4: You will get the list of the old stories you had posted in a specific order, i.e. from new to the old.

You could also follow these steps on the Facebook Lite App to get access to the “Story Archives” section.

How to Know if Your Facebook Archived Story is on?

Usually, the story archive button is active by default for all Facebook users. However, there is a chance you might have disabled the button. If you want to know whether or not your story button is active or not, you can tap the settings button right next to the “Your Story Archive” section. From here, you can adjust the settings to your convenience.

If this option is disabled, all your stories posted on Facebook will be deleted or get disappeared from the account within 24 hours. Note that these stories will not be saved anywhere.

Even if you turn on the archive option, you cannot get the deleted stories back. The option will work for your next stories only. There is no privacy or security concern associated with the archive option. The stories you have deleted will be visible only to you.

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