How to Fix “You have been temporarily blocked from performing this action” on Messenger

Facebook is a social networking service that allows you to interact with and share information with your family and friends over the internet. Facebook was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg while he was a student at Harvard University. It was initially developed for college students. Anyone over the age of 13 with a verified email address was able to join Facebook by 2006. Facebook is now the world’s most popular social networking site, with over 1 billion users.

you have been temporarily blocked from performing this action

Facebook allows you to communicate with friends and family by sending messages and updating your status. You can also share a variety of material kinds, such as photographs and links. However, sharing something on Facebook is not the same as other forms of online communication. Unlike email or instant messaging, which are more private, the information you share on Facebook is more public, which means they’ll usually be seen by many other people.

It also provides a platform called Facebook messenger on which you can easily stay connected with your friends, family, and close ones via text messaging, video calling, or voice call. Facebook Messenger provides facilities in which you can talk to your friend face to face, shares photos via messages, and share stickers too.

As taking advantage of such features on Facebook messenger users may sometimes face an error saying “You have been temporarily blocked from performing this action”. While getting such an error you may find you are unable to send messages to your friends on messenger or you may not be allowed to get logged in to your messenger app or even while get logged in you are unable to see your friends lists or friends who are online. So how to fix such an error? We will try to fix this error kindly follow the mentioned steps below to resolve your issue.

Before heading forward to fix this problem let us know some reasons why this error happens while using messenger.

Reason for “You have been temporarily blocked from performing this action” Error on Messenger

Reason 1: an excessive amount of friend requests sent

Facebook always notify that send a request to only the person or individual you know on Facebook, sending friend request to an unknown person and sending it to many people in one go may cause the reason of error occurring on messenger. Usually one can send 20 friend requests on Facebook to their know friends.

Reason 2: sharing offensive or obsessive content

Sharing adult content or any offensive content to anyone on Facebook messenger is an offense. If you share any content which is offensive or obsessive for the user and if the user report Facebook regarding your offense then in retaliation of that report Facebook may block your messenger and not allow you to send a message to anyone.

How to Fix “You have been temporarily blocked from performing this action” on Messenger

To be straightforward, there is no such inbuilt feature available in Facebook from which you can fix it easily nor any third-party tool available to fix such error as this blockage is been done by Facebook itself due to your offense or policy breach activity. The only resolution for such an error is to report this to Facebook using the Help & support feature. To use this feature follow the mentioned steps below:

  • Open Chrome and login to your Facebook account.
  • After been get logged in click on the account option available on top of the screen on the right side, a downside arrow option.
  • From that drop-down menu select the help & support option. A question mark logo will available to recognize that option.
  • Then tab on the third option called ‘Report a problem’.
  • You will see a pop-up called give feedback to Facebook in that select second option something went wrong.
  • Choose the area in which you are facing a problem that is messenger, find the messenger option from drop-down menu.
  • Add the problem you are facing by providing proper details of the error and from when you are facing it, you can even attach a screenshot of that error and send the report to Facebook.

That’s it you will be replied to soon by the Facebook team with a resolution soon. Hope this was helpful to resolve your problem and may have fixed your problem.

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