How to See Who Viewed Your Facebook Story [100% Working]

One of the most used social media platform today, Facebook has become so ingrained in our daily lives that we don’t even bother to notice it. The beginnings of what is now known as a massive platform with unparalleled reach were modest. It is the torchbearer and most significant social media network in virtually every dimension. Today, it is difficult to envision a world without it.

who viewed your facebook story

What pops up first when we want to socialize with friends, find out about upcoming events, or even post stories for our friends to react to? It’s Facebook, after all, and there’s so much more we fall back on this social media powerhouse for. It comes as no surprise how dramatically the world of social media has progressed, and Facebook is no exception.

One morning, we wake up to find changes and features that make our fingers eager to explore, isn’t it? The same can be said of Facebook stories. We can’t imagine living without Facebook stories now, which were added to the Facebook bandwagon in 2017.

You post content that fades after 24 hours, such as photographs, videos, or your everyday thoughts. People can tailor their stories using a collection of different tools offered on the app.

Many brands, influencers, and even ordinary folks like me and you have begun to use it as one of the most popular social media marketing tools, and for a valid reason. So, if you’re captivated by this outstanding feature and want to know who has seen your story after you post them, keep reading to learn more about it.

How to See Who Viewed Your Facebook Story

Facebook stories are designed to be seen by everyone, not just your Facebook friends. If our remark concerns you, please don’t panic because the app gives you the option to make your stories viewable only to your “Friends .”However, if you want to increase engagement, which is often the case with influencers and businesses, you can change your settings to “Public.”

So, regardless of your privacy settings on your Facebook stories, we typically want to identify who has viewed them, right? At times, we have a penchant for posting stories for only that specific person to see, but how do we know if they had seen it or not? Although there is no sorcery to tell you that, Facebook does provide you with the ability to know who has viewed your Facebook story. 

And, if you’re curious if the individual saw it, well, as we said, Facebook understands and has something in store for you. So, let’s get right into it to learn everything there is to know about that as well.

Step 1: Launch your official Facebook app on your Android or iPhone device.

Step 2: You will locate the story on the top of your feed; tap on it.

Step 3: Once you open your recently posted story, you will locate the viewers count at the bottom left corner of your screen. Additionally, you will also see a couple of reactions and likes from your followers scattering on the screen.

Step 4: Tap on the viewers option, or you can swipe up to see the list of names who have viewed your Facebook story. If you cannot see any viewers count just yet, it means people are yet to see your story. So, wait for a couple of minutes to refresh it watch again later.

How to See Other Viewers on Facebook Story?

The majority of us, if not all, are diligent in posting stories to our accounts. And why not, since these stories are so simple to create. Furthermore, while putting a lot of stuff on your newsfeed might exhaust your friends on the platform, stories never influence your main feed since they stay at the top, separate from the feed. 

Besides, uploading them is a real treat and takes tremendous creativity. For improved engagement, Facebook allows you to show off your unique ideas. What better method to offer your pals a sneak preview inside the shooting of your clips so they can get a flavor of what you’re doing?

But it’s when we glance again at our stories to find who saw them that we unearth the Other Viewers category. Have you had similar struggles? Have you tried to tap on that too if you are like us? But nothing really comes out of it, really, isn’t it? Now it’s even more mystifying since you can’t seem to get their identities out of your it.

It irks people to the extent that they delete stories from their feed just because they have the gnawing sensation that someone has seen your story, but you can’t put a face or name to it. We’re trying to convey that, like any excellent application, Facebook never undermines a user’s privacy.

Even though several pleas have been made, petitions have been signed, and tweets have been trending, Facebook has yet to implement a function that would allow the information to be exposed. So, as strange as it may sound, this is how the platform works.

Yet, if this disturbs you, do you recollect how we spoke about making your stories Public? This is what this public feature has done to you. Even those who aren’t friends with you on the app can see your story. 

But even if the app respects their privacy and does not divulge their names to you since they are not your friends or followers, you can do something about it. Well, you can modify your post to Friends settings so that only your friends can view your story. This way, you will at least get rid of this problem until a new feature rolls in.

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