How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos

Watch Deleted YouTube Videos: YouTube is your one-stop platform for high-quality, fun, and entertaining content. Whether you need to watch DIY videos or stream music online, you could find just about any type of video content on YouTube.

watch deleted youtube videos

It is your ideal place to watch some fun and exciting content for free and for as long as you want. All you need is a reliable and strong internet connection and you are good to go! However, there are times when the videos you want to watch are removed from YouTube.

It happens because of two reasons mainly, i.e. the person who has uploaded the video removes it or YouTube deletes the video. YouTube deletes a video only when it finds content that violates the YouTube regulations.

If that happens, you will get a message that says “we’re sorry this video is no longer available”. It is normal for people to think the video that has been removed from YouTube is now no longer available for users to watch.

While you may not be able to watch it directly on the YouTube channel that uploaded the video, there are quite a few ways you could watch the deleted videos on YouTube. Let’s check them out.

How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos

1. Find the Video on Other Channels

If the content creator has deleted the video from their channel, try to find it on other channels. You could easily locate the video if it’s posted by a popular content creator. There are many YouTube users that repost the video just so it stays on YouTube.

And while that’s the easiest way to find a YouTube video, you must also know that the platform comes with a set of strict regulations that could completely remove the video. You could type the author of the channel or title to find the video.

2. Recover from

Log into your YouTube account and try to find the URL of the video in your playlist or watch history. If you had liked the video, you will find it in the “Liked video” section. Start a new tab and enter “” in the search bar. Hit enter to be directed to your homepage. Find the URL of the deleted video through, copy it, and then paste it into the search box.

The tool will help you find the deleted video in a few minutes. It will also show you the detailed history of the deleted videos and the steps to recover them. While the method may work for certain YouTube videos, know that it might not help you restore the video that’s deleted because of breaking the community guidelines.

If the deleted videos are not indexed before they are deleted, then there’s no way you can find them on YouTube. The method, however, works for the videos you have recently removed from YouTube. The website is your ultimate solution to find the deleted YouTube videos given that you have its URL.

3. Finding the URL

Finding the URL of the deleted video is the most challenging, especially if you don’t have that video saved in your watchlist. You could sort the search list by date, time, and other categories.

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