YouTube Email Finder – Find YouTube Channel Email ID (Updated 2023)

YouTube Channel Email Finder: YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, with over 2 billion monthly active users. Therefore, YouTube is a powerful channel of communication as well as marketing and brand promotion. However, you cannot always reach out to the owner of the channel directly.

youtube email finder

Yes, you can definitely comment on the video to contact the content creator, but there could be thousands of comments on a particular video that would make your comment almost impossible to find and respond to.

To reach out to YouTube channel owners for brand promotion, marketing, or advertisement, it is best to connect with them via email.

You can easily find the YouTube channel email id by browsing different sections such as About Section and Video Description.

This section contains details about the channel, email address, phone number, website name, access to their merchandise, and other vital information.

But what if you can’t find their email address or other contact details in the channel’s about section or video description?

Well, you can use YouTube Email Finder by iStaunch also known as YouTube Channel Email Finder to find email associated with YouTube account for free.

You only need to enter the channel name or link in YouTube Email Finder by iStaunch and quickly run a search to find the email of a YouTube channel.

In this guide, you will also find all possible ways to find email address of any YouTube channel for free.

YouTube Email Finder by iStaunch

To find YouTube channel email ID, open the YouTube Email Finder by iStaunch. Type the channel link in the given box and tap on the Find Email Address button. That’s it, you will see the email address associated with the YouTube channel.

YouTube Email Finder

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How to Find YouTube Channel Email ID

1. Find Email from YouTube Channel’s About Section

  • Open YouTube and log in to your account.
  • Type the channel name in the search bar whose email you are looking for.
youtube email finder
  • Go to the channel and click on the About tab.
youtube email finder
  • Look at the description for the email address.
youtube email finder
  • OR tap on the View Email Address inside the Details section.
  • Inside the channel’s about section, you will also find other contact detail such as phone numbers, social media accounts, and website links.
  • In case, if can’t find an email then the channel has not shared it publicly.

2. Look at the Video Description for Email Address

  • Open the YouTube app and login to your account.
  • Find and open the video of the channel whose email you want to find.
youtube email finder
  • Next, scroll down to the video description. Here you can easily find the email address if the channel owner shared it publically. What’s more, is that you can also find their links to other social media accounts.
youtube email finder

3. Tap on View Email Address

Recently, YouTube introduced a new feature called “View Email Address” that shows you the email address associated with the YouTube channel.

To find an email address from YouTube Channel, all you have to do is open someone’s YouTube channel and tap on the “View Email Address” button.

youtube email finder

3. YouTube Email Lookup Tools

YouTube Email Lookup Tools are the easiest ways to find an email address associated with a YouTube channel, social media account, or even a website.

If you know the website of the YouTuber, you can simply enter the name, domain name and quickly run a search to find the email address.

There are many such free tools available in the market today. Such email discovery tools are a great solution to finding emails.

4. Reach Out for an Email Address

One of the best ways to find an email address from someone’s YouTube channel is to simply request one directly. As we discussed earlier, you can gain access to their other social media profiles.

What’s more, is that you can directly send a message requesting their email address from those social media platforms. You should ensure that your profile is quite genuine and states who you are to encourage a response.

5. Guess their Email Address

Usually, email addresses follow quite a few patterns. Therefore, if you know the first name, last name, and domain of your target, you can run a few guesses to find the right email address.

Around 70% of contacts use email addresses in the format of However, finding such a list manually would be quite time-consuming.

There are many tools in the marketplace that automatically create a list of email addresses. Once you have the list, simply paste the email address onto the ‘to’ field in your Gmail. A pop-up will show you if that email address is associated with a Google profile.


If you have tried to find an email address from someone’s YouTube channel but failed to deliver it, there are many other tips and tricks that you can try. Experiment with different tools. Eventually, you will be able to find the email address that you are looking for.

Have you found an email address from someone’s YouTube channel yet? Let us know the tricks you used in the comments below!

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