How to Find YouTube Videos You Watched The Most

YouTube, as a video-sharing platform, has evolved beautifully over time. The beloved platform stands tall, providing us with an endless dose of fun and entertainment. It has something (or maybe a lot more) for everyone, don’t you agree? So, whether you’re an avid gamer, an upcoming fashionista, a tech geek, or just a wildlife lover, ample YouTube channels are dedicated to your interest.

find youtube videos you watched the most

As a channel creator, you’re welcome to present your original idea and talent to the world, allowing viewers to see you! Moreover, the rise of interactive content on this platform has effortlessly raised its popularity!

Have you ever watched a YouTube video and got obsessed with it? Perhaps, it’s happened countless times already, isn’t it?

Well, that’s why you wish to know how to find YouTube videos you watched the most, right? Well, we’re here to find answers, so let’s begin!

How to Find YouTube Videos You Watched The Most?

Let’s cut to the chase:

Unfortunately, you’re taking the wrong route if you’re looking for a “my most watched YouTube video” button. Why?

Clearly, the app doesn’t swing that way and, hence, the lack of a built-in feature that can show you your most watched YouTube video. Well, if you’re considering the platform alone, then this is pretty much it. However, we’ve got some workable solutions for you if you branch out to the use of third-party apps and websites and other workarounds.

Are you in for it? Let’s check out those methods, shall we?

Method 1: Google Takeout

We’re sure you’ve heard of Google Takeout, but do you know how it works? It’s a service that’s provided by Google, allowing you to export a copy of your data exclusively from Google services. You know why we have this method on our list now, right?

You can easily download your YouTube data and check your viewing history to know more of your most watched videos. If you’re ready to know more about the workings of this approach, follow the guide below.

Steps to use Google Takeout:

Step 1: To begin, you must visit Google Takeout.

Step 2: Tap on Deselect all at the top right corner because every option is selected by default.

Step 3: Scroll down to the YouTube option and click on the checkbox.

Step 4: Tap on the Next Step button.

Step 5: You’ll be directed to the next page. There’s a Destination tab. Under Transfer to, select your option.

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