Why Does a Person Blocked on Instagram Disappear from Blocked User List?

Blocking on social networking platforms like Instagram prevents interactions with the person you’d prefer not to contact, even for a while. Sometimes, you must gather the courage to block someone, especially if you’ve known the person for a long time. Hence, blocking may not be as easy as it feels emotional to say goodbye to people we’ve known for a long time.

why does a person blocked on instagram disappear from blocked user list

However, a new issue has recently emerged for Instagram users while blocking someone. Despite their best efforts, people cannot locate the blocked person on the blocked user list.

Where did the individual go, and why did it happen? Is the block button ineffective for drawing borders, or is it just a bug?

We have a lot of questions and want to know the answers. If you share their curiosity, you’ve come to the perfect blog since we’ll talk about everything today. So, read all the way to the end to find out everything.

Why Does a Person Blocked on Instagram Disappear from Blocked User List?

Occasionally, we see strange activity on our Instagram page, such as stories that won’t open or a stuck follower count. However, one thing on this list that has left people perplexed is the unexpected disappearance of blocked users from the blocked user list.

Be certain you are not the only one encountering this problem before you write it off as another strange incident. It has raised some questions, and we will explain why it occurs below.

Have you unblocked them (and probably forgotten)?

You read it right because sometimes the answers can be found in simple explanations. The one situation in which this is possible is that you unblocked them and may have forgotten in the thick of daily life’s hustle and bustle.

So, before jumping to conclusions, why not check whether this assumption is true? If you remember having mutual friends, head to their profiles and see their following/follower section to check their names.

Instead of seeing the usual unblock option, with no post on their profile, you’ll see their posts and follow button, confirming they’re not blocked. Tap on the three vertical dots at the profile’s upper right corner and select the block button to block them finally.

They might have deleted their account (and signed up for a new one!)

Explore basic reasons before considering the plot twist of being unable to view the blocked person on the blocked user list. You may wonder where did they go, but probably they have just deleted their account for good, which would account for their disappearance.

Search for their new accounts if you can via the search bar or ask your mutual friends about it to confirm this for you. You should know that Instagram has an option where any other account the user has or creates is also blocked. So, rest assured; you don’t have to encounter them if you don’t wish to.

Perhaps, you’ve muted them instead

Have you thought about the possibility that you may have muted the individual in the heat of the moment rather than immediately blocking them? The less aggressive step of muting keeps them from appearing in your main feed. However, checking their profile allows you to view their posts and story updates if you still want to.

Here’s how you confirm this:

Step 1: Launch your Instagram and tab your profile at the lower right corner.

Step 2: Go to the following tab on your profile.

Step 3: Scroll down to the user’s name and tap the three dots next to the Following option.

Step 4: Select Mute next.

Step 5: There are three options: Posts, Stories, and Notes.

Check to see if the toggle for the choices is set to blue. If so, you’ve muted them in those choices. If you are certain that you want to stop communicating with them on the platform, just block them.

Technical glitches

Instagram is not afraid of showing its glitchy side to you! If you’ve been a user for a while, you know how often server breakdowns or issues from not updating the app occur.

Now, there can be a bug-related reason why you can’t view the blocked user in the blocked user. If it is the case, you may log out and back in again to confirm.

Another possibility is that the app malfunctioned while you tried to block them, which is why nothing happened until now. Block them on their profile first to check whether they appear on the list again.

Finally, check your app stores for any updates to Instagram. Please update it if one is available to prevent such issues in the future. The wisest course of action is waiting when none of our options work. The app will be fixed eventually, and you’ll quickly have the person back on your list of blocked users.

Signs you’re blocked on Instagram

Instagram doesn’t snitch on users when they block someone, so you have to see for the potential cues. Check three hints below that will solidify your assumption.

Search for the account

First, we’ll proceed in the traditional detective manner by looking for the profile ourselves. You are not blocked if the profile appears as it usually does. But they’ve unluckily blocked you if you search for the right username and still can’t find it.

Check the DM

You can also check if they blocked you on Instagram by sending them a direct message. You can send them messages like you usually do, but they won’t get delivered to the person in question. The message “User not found” when you touch their profile to view it confirms that you have been blocked. However, check out the final sign below to confirm this even further.

Ask a mutual friend

Bring together mutual friends if you’ve tried everything and still can’t figure out this mystery. Ask them whether they can still see the profile of the target person by getting in touch with them. Try to ask more than one mutual friend for more verification. If they can see the profile, you know the answer.

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