How to Watch Instagram Live Without Account

To some of us, it might feel like Instagram has been around since forever. The platform has indeed held the cumulative attention of a large number of netizens quite consistently. People from all age groups are users of this platform, and if there was one thing they all liked equally here, it would be reels – the favorite video format of Instagram. All Instagrammers will agree that reels are the reason behind a majority of their Instagram time. And it’s all understandable, but the older Instagram users know what the big thing before reel was: Instagram Live.

watch instagram live without account

Another, older video format content on Instagram that might have come before reels but continues to be in trend even today. It’s true that live screening serves a different purpose than reels, which is why they’ve both managed to survive side-by-side on the platform.

In this blog, we’re going to resolve a query relevant to Instagram Live; this one is recently trending among our readers. How will someone outside of Instagram be able to see a live? Stay with us as we explain in the blog below!

How to Watch Instagram Live Without Account?

All the readers that usually read our Instagram blogs are generally active users on the platform. But it’s not every day readers like you knock at our door, so we’ll try our best to help you.

First things first; you want to figure out how to watch an Instagram live without having an account on the platform, right? Well, luckily for us both, there is a rather straightforward way of doing that.

Since you don’t have an Instagram account, we doubt you’d have its mobile app either; and that’s okay. You needn’t necessarily have it in order to watch a live.

There are just two criteria you need to fulfill in order to watch a live without an account:

1. You need to have an insider resource. Someone you know well, who is on Instagram, and can do you a favor upon asking.

2. The user whose live you want to watch should have a public or professional account.

With these prerequisites fulfilled, all you need to do is ask this Instagrammer friend to fetch you the link to the live screening. They’ll only be able to do so if they follow this person or it’s an open account – which works in our favor.

When they send you the link, copy it, open your mobile or web browser, and paste into the URL bar. As you hit enter, you’ll join the live as a view.

Watching someone’s Live video without them knowing: Can that be done?

If any of you have been paying attention so far, you’d have noticed how the aforementioned trick is useful not only for people who aren’t on the platform, but also for those who want to watch lives secretly.

What we mean is that there are many users who wouldn’t mind watching the live of their old friends just to see how they were doing. But they stop themselves to avoid confrontation – confrontations can certainly be tough for some of us.

So if you want to watch a live without letting the owner know, it’s entirely possible using the method we discussed above.

Other ways of watching live anonymously include creating a fake account, or using the account of a friend or family member.

If you’re a little patient, you have another hassle-free way of watching the live later when it has been saved as a video on their profile.

However, there’s often a risk attached to the last option: What if they chose not to save it but sent it to their Archives instead? Some Instagrammers are bent that way.

Now that we’ve shown you all sides of the coin, we believe you’d be able to make a wise decision based on your need. Good luck.

The bottom line

With this, we’re ready to wrap things up. Our topic of discussion today was a rather interesting one, where we learned a lot about Instagram Live, a video form content that brings many Instagrammers together.

We discussed how these lives could be watched by someone outside of the platform, which was completely possible. Then, we also explored other ways of watching a live without letting the owner know.

Is there anything else that you’re confused about on Instagram? Tell us your query in the comments below!

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