If You Like DM on Instagram Will They See Like Or Get Notified?

Some people see chatting as a taxing and volatile way of communication; they also complain about how emotions don’t reflect through written texts as well as they do in someone’s voice. And while all these are quite valid points, chatting still continues to exist AND thrive like never before. The reason? There can be many. The lack of time for two people to be free at the same time is a prime reason; you can respond to texts in your own time, but a phone call doesn’t work that way.

if you like dm on instagram will they see like or get notified

Another common reason people avoid calls and favor texts is this fast-paced lifestyle and the exhaustion that accompanies it. Not everyone has the energy to pick up the phone and call their loved ones at the end of the day; they’d rather send a good night text in place of it.

On Instagram, chats are called DMs and are passionately used by users of all age groups and regions. The heightened enthusiasm around DMs is what gave rise to the platform adding a liking feature on them.

In this blog, we’re going to discuss about this very feature in DMs. Be prepared to receive all answers to your queries as you keep reading below!

If You Like DM on Instagram Will They See Like Or Get Notified?

On Instagram, updates are frequent happenings, which is why some users might need help to keep track of them all. The question that brought you here today revolves around liking DMs on the platform, doesn’t it?

If you’re wondering whether your act of liking a particular DM notifies the second party of the chat, the answer is: Yes. While this feature might not have been a part of Instagram’s older updates, in the recent one, it has been incorporated.

Within it, notifications of liking DMs are sent to users in the similar manner as they receive a notification of a new DM. This is true for even the older messages of a chat; if you like a meme shared by a friend on Instagram a couple of months ago, they’ll receive a notification about that as well.

As you might’ve gathered, it means that these notifications have no relevance with time at all. The message can be as old as you like; as long as you like it right now, they’ll be notified about it right now as well.

What if you like your own DM? Will they still be notified about it?

Another common question readers ask us often is this:

Do both parties receive notifications about any and every DM liked within a chat? Well, not really. On Instagram DMs, notifications are only sent to a user whose message has been liked by the other party involved in the chat.

Let’s suppose Jill and Hannah are having a conversation in DMs, and Hannah sends in a relatable meme in the middle of it. Now, if Jill likes that meme, Hannah will be notified of it.

However, Hannah will not receive any notification if Jill has liked one of her own messages in the chat, and vice versa. In other words, only the person whose message is liked by the next party will be notified about it.

Can you unlike a DM after liking it on Instagram?

Now that Instagram has given users a choice of liking messages, memes, or reels sent in DMs, we’re sure many users would instantly worry about its reversibility. If we can like a message, can we also unlike it? Well, yes, we can.

The process of doing so is quite simple as well. How do you like a message? You long-press on it until a reaction bar appears on top of it – with multiple emojis drawn on it, and then select the heart.

What you might not have noticed is when you do that, a tiny grey dot appears below that heart. Now, after liking a DM, if you want to reverse your action, you’ll need to long-press that message again. When the reaction bar appears this time, simply tap on the hear again; as the dot below it disappears, so will your like.

Are some of you wondering whether, just like before, unliking a message will also notify the user? Well, luckily for you, users on Instagram are only notified about the likes, not the unlikes, be it chat, pictures, or stories.

This means that while your first action leaves behind notifications, the second one remains mysterious. It’s ingenious how that works in your favor.

The bottom line

With this, it’s time for us to take your leave. Before we go, would you like a quick summary of everything new we’ve learned today? Let’s go!

We talked at length about liking DMs above, exploring how it leaves behind a notification for the other party involved in a chat. Later, we also talked about how unliking a DM works and whether or not does it leave notifications.

Do you have more questions about Instagram DMs? You can look for their answers here!

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