Do People Get Notification if You Reject Their Follow Request on Instagram?

Instagram Follow Request Notification: Some might say that a visual-centric social media platform like Instagram is not for everyone, but for those who engage on it actively, it’s their go-to spot for socializing. Some users enjoy posting aesthetic pictures and reels on their profile, others like to update their daily on-goings on it like a pretty journal, and yet others come here solely for entertainment; they don’t post too much of their own content but enjoy watching what others upload immensely.

do people get notification if i reject their follow request on instagram

Instagram has also evolved as a great platform for businesses and creators seeking to promote their goods/services and expand their reach. With all that, more users are trying to connect to each other on this platform on a daily basis, sending follow requests to people they either already know or are willing to know now.  

However, not all of us on Instagram are crazy about networking, right? Some of us also prefer maintaining a small social circle here and uploading content that’s private to them, content that they don’t want random strangers or even people they know but aren’t close with seeing.

If you’re one of those users, the topmost section of your Activity tab might be overflowing with follow requests as well. Or do you reject unwanted requests as soon as they arrive?

Have you ever wondered if you reject follow request on Instagram, do they get notification?

In our blog today, we’re going to discuss do people get notification if you reject follow request on Instagram.

Stick with us till the end to explore them all.

Do People Get Notification if You Reject Their Follow Request on Instagram?

Suppose your little cousin has recently joined Instagram and has sent you a follow request, but you can’t accept it because you don’t want them to see all the content you post there. Would you tell them “no” straight away and reject their follow request? But wouldn’t that make them feel sad or angry?

Another thing you can do is reject their request silently without making a fuss about it. But when you do, will Instagram notify them about it?

No, people won’t get notification if you reject their follow request on Instagram. The platform takes the privacy of its users very seriously and would never do anything to compromise it. This is why whenever you reject someone’s follow request on Instagram, they receive no notification about it.

do people get notification if you reject follow request on instagram

If You Delete a Follow Request on Instagram, Does the Person Know?

If you delete or cancel a follow request on Instagram, the person will easily know about it. Just because Instagram doesn’t send out notifications about it doesn’t mean they cannot find out about it at all. There are other ways of figuring it out as well, and we’re going to talk about it next.

How to Know if Someone Rejected Your Follow Request on Instagram

When you send follow request on Instagram, you’ll see the Follow button is replaced with a white Requested button. This Requested button will continue to stay there every time you check their profile now, which indicates that they’ve not yet responded to your request.

do people get notification if you reject follow request on instagram

But when you visit their profile after they’ve deleted your request, you’ll notice how the Requested button you had seen last time has been changed back to the Follow button you had seen there initially (while sending them a request the first time around).

do people get notification if you reject follow request on instagram

This replacement of the Requested button with the Follow button is a clear sign that your request has indeed been rejected by them.


With this, we’ve reached the end of today’s blog. Let’s quickly revise everything we’ve discussed today.

We began by talking about the consequences of rejecting a follow request on Instagram and learned how Instagram sends no notification to users about their follow requests being rejected.

Later, we also talked about how to prevent users from knowing you don’t want to accept their requests and how to avoid getting too many unwanted follow requests on the platform. If you found what you were looking for in our blog, we’d love to know all about it in the comments section below.

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