Can Blocked Person See When You Go Live on Instagram?

Once you enter the large universe that is Instagram, you’ll never want to leave. It has everything from celebrities to influencers, models and magazines, shows, movies, and sitcoms to your friends and family! If you think you have too much time and nothing to do with it, Instagram has been waiting for you. Instagram is every teenager’s favorite pastime, be it on the subway, at school, or at home in bed. The reel feature has only made it even more convenient for users to access entertainment any time they want. However, is that really such a great thing?

can blocked person see when you go live on instagram

It’s fun to see people doing all sorts of things to entertain us: it helps us relax, and it’s often relatable. But like everything else, there’s an extent to how much we should indulge in it. The more we like it, the more we’ll get sucked into it unconsciously.

Today’s blog will discuss if a blocked person can see when you go live on Instagram.

Can Blocked Person See When You Go Live on Instagram?

If you’re wondering if a blocked person can see your Instagram, rest assured; they can’t.

Going live on Instagram is a fun feature, but not many users like it. If you’re one of those who do like to use it, it’s natural to wonder if any of the users you’ve blocked can see the live.

But if you think about it, it just doesn’t make sense for a blocked user to be able to see any of the content you post. If they were to see you, they’d also be able to comment and engage, which just defeats the whole point of it.

So, you can rest assured that you’re completely safe on Instagram. A user that has been blocked by you can’t see any of your engagement on any posts. They cannot see your profile at all, nor can they call or DM you on the app.

Now that we have covered this let’s move on to discuss both of the features mentioned in our topic.

Here’s how to block someone on Instagram

Firstly, let’s talk about what you’d do if you ever felt the need to block someone on Instagram. Before we tell you exactly how to do it, we’d like to mention that it’s much better to talk it out with a person instead of blocking them.

For example, let’s say you had a falling out with one of your friends. You know you can’t leave them for life, nor can you be mad at them for long. So, why try to bitter your relationship with them, knowing that it has to exist forever?

Try having a proper sit-down and discussing what the issue was. After all, how bad could it possibly be, don’t you think?

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