How to Remove Instagram Reel Video from Profile Grid

Instagram has gotten so good at launching new, exciting, and engaging trends that all marketers around the world could learn a thing or two from them. However, do you feel like not every setting or feature on the platform resonates with you completely? Take the reel placement, for instance. The platform has created a separate tab on users’ profiles dedicated solely to reels. What, then, is the point of having reels appearing on the profile grid – alongside other posts – as well?

remove instagram reel video from profile grid

If people can watch all reels separately, who really needs them to take twice the space as other posts? Some users would say it improves the chances of a reel’s visibility, which is a much sought-after prospect for most creators.

But not all of us want the same things from a platform, do we? Well, if you’re the kind of user who’d prefer to keep their reels and posts separate, this guide is just for you! Keep reading ahead to de-clutter your profile in quick, easy steps.

How to Remove Instagram Reel Video from Profile Grid? (A step-by-step guide)

So, we understand that you’re here with the question of how to remove your reel from your profile grid. The first step to that is exploring if such a thing could even be done on the platform. We’ve got a little lucky today because it absolutely can!

In fact, the process of doing so is so simple and straightforward that you’ll be able to get it done within a minute.

Step 1: Just quickly open the Instagram mobile app, log into your account, and head to your Profile.

Here, go to your profile grid, and scroll down to find that reel that you’d like to remove from here.

Step 2: As you select the reel and it starts playing on your screen, can you spot an ellipsis (three dots arranged horizontally) icon towards its top-right section?

Give it a tap.

Step 3: Upon doing so, a menu will slide up your screen.

The first options on the menu – placed side-by-side – are Save and Remix.

Following these are twelve more options listed, one after the other. The fourth option on this list, with a grid icon drawn on its left, is to Remove from the profile grid.

Tapping on this option is the key to removing your reel from your profile grid.

Note: While you can’t remove all your reels from the profile grid at once, you can do it one-by-one, by performing the same action on every reel individually.

How to avoid adding a reel to your profile grid while posting it?

Above, we showed you how you could remove your reel from your profile grid. However, did you know that there’s a way to prevent your reel from appearing here itself?

What we’re trying to say here is that there is a setting provided to all users that they can access right at the time of uploading their reel on Instagram. If they uncheck this setting, their reel will not appear on their profile grid at all.

This will mean that you needn’t go through the hassle of removing your reels from your profile after posting it. But how is this setting enabled?

Well, when you’re on the final step of uploading your reel – the tab where you enter the caption, location, and hashtags – there’s an option below:

Show on Feed

This option will have a toggle switch next to it. By default, the switch is always enabled, which means the reel will appear both on your profile grid as well as the Reels section separately.

To avoid that from happening, what you can do is scroll down on the screen, find that option, and swipe left on the toggle switch to turn it off.

Once you do that, your reel video will not be visible in two places on your profile.

Can your reel be added back to your Instagram profile grid?

We’ve talked at length about removing a reel video from your profile grid, but what about the process of its reversal?

Is doing that possible on the platform?

For instance, once you’ve removed a reel from your profile grid, is there a way to put it back there?

Yes, luckily, there is. Follow the steps mentioned below to get the job done:

Step 1: Launch the Instagram mobile app and head to your profile.

Here, below your profile details and Highlights section, you’ll find three different tabs:

l The leftmost tab is your profile grid – where both your posts and reels should appear ideally.

l The middle tab is your Reels section – where all the reels you’ve posted to date are arranged chronologically.

l The rightmost tab here is the Tagged section – if any of the users you follow on the platform have tagged you in their posts/reels, they’ll appear here.

Step 2: Head to the middle – Reels tab – here, and scroll down until you find the reel that you want to add back to your profile grid.

Now, give it a tap to open it in full display.

Step 3: As the reel is visible to you in full screen, you’ll notice several icons displayed in a vertical line towards its bottom-right corner.

The third icon on this list is of a paper airplane, which indicates the Share option. Right below it, you’ll find an ellipsis icon (three dots arranged horizontally). Give this ellipsis a tap.

Step 4: A menu will scroll up your screen upon doing so. Here, the first three options – listed side-by-side – are Share, Link, and Save.

Right below these, you’ll spot a Manage option, with a reel icon drawn on its left and a forward-facing arrow placed towards the right. Give it a tap.

Step 5: On the next, Manage menu, you’ll find six options listed. The fourth one here is:

Add to profile grid

All you need to do is click on this option, and a disappearing message will appear on your screen for a few seconds, saying:

Reel added to profile grid

When you head to your profile grid now, you’ll notice how this reel appears there as well. It won’t necessarily be displayed on top but will assume its chronologically rightful place there.

The bottom line

With this, we’ve reached the end of today’s blog. Our topic of discussion today was Instagram reels; we focused on their placement on our profiles above.

The blog began with a discussion of how you could remove your reel from your profile grid, then moved forward to talk about how such a thing could be prevented right at the time of posting.

Toward the end, we also talked about whether or not a reel, once removed from your profile grid, could be added there again; the answer to which is yes.

Got more questions about Instagram reels and their tricks and tips? Shoot them at us in the comments section below, and we’ll be happy to answer them all!

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