How to Find Someone’s IP Address on YouTube

Find Someone’s IP Address on YouTube: Are you in search of the IP address of a person that has a YouTube channel? Well, we have all the answers that you are looking for right here. We shall discuss in detail all of the techniques that you can try in a step-by-step format so that all of the work becomes easier for you to understand.

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YouTube is all about videos, and the platform has built the reputation of being the top streaming service in the world. It is a fact that this free service provider has been designed well for smooth functioning even if the internet connection isn’t the best. And this is also one of the reasons for its high popularity.

In case you know about a YouTube user and need to get information on the IP address, we shall help you learn that right here! But some important things need to be made clear as well.

Firstly, getting information on just the IP address of a user isn’t of much use. Unless you have planned of carrying out a botnet attack, which by the way is an illegal act, and apart from the information for research usage, there shouldn’t be a need for having an IP address of a person that isn’t fraudulent.

The IP address of a person on its own has very little information and this is just a rough detail of someone’s geolocation as well. Apart from searching for the actual location, there is no reason for such data in our opinion.

But still, if you need to know about it, here is the complete guide!

How to Find Someone’s IP Address on YouTube

YouTube won’t show you the IP address of any user, nor are they going to send you a response to such query. It is just the government agencies that they reply to. For making things difficult, there is also no direct way of getting in touch with the user in any form. So you won’t be able to use a command-line either for having data on an IP address. The communication of users is centralized and will go to the platform server.

So then how does one get the IP address of the users over YouTube? You must have seen in our other guides, that we usually suggest people make use of an IP logger that’s pre-made or one that you can create yourself.

Keep in mind that this is something that might work, and in case it doesn’t, just completely forget about it. Let’s begin:

Method 1: Make use of IP Logger that’s Already Made

Now with this method, you won’t require any coding skills to find the IP address of a person as these have been made already IP Loggers. Yes, these are the tools that have been developed already and you can get the information on IP addresses of people on YouTube.

Several such tools tend to stay disguised as URL shorteners and when the user clicks on such a URL that you had provided them, their IP address gets logged first before it’s sent to shortened URL. Though this, URL is not going to get suspicious.

You will find several such options but here we shall mainly talk about Grabify. The tool has become the favorite for several reasons. Firstly, it is easy to use even if you are a beginner and there is no need for any creation.

However, in case you do move ahead with creating an account, there is a probability that you will get some additional features available.

Here are the steps that you need to follow for collecting IP address information of someone on YouTube:

Step 1: Get ‘Hook URL’

For having the IP address of a user through Grabify, one has to make use of the web content that will be interesting to the target user. This can be news, web application, or blog post. Just copy the URL of that content and go to the homepage of the Grabify website.

Step 2: Shorten the URL by masking the main URL

Now you need to paste that web content URL in the space provided. And tap on ‘create URL’.  Now a shortened URL gets generated for you and this will be redirecting your user to the actual copied URL.

With this, you also shall get a type of tracking code that you have to copy and you can use it for accessing the IP address that was logged.

Step 3: Enable the URL on the YouTube channel

Now go to YouTube and provide this URL in their comment section, where one has engaged the user in conversation.  Some channels disable URL and in such a case, this won’t work.

In such situations, you will need to find a way to get this user off YouTube and on a platform that supports URLs. How successful you will get in this will completely depend on your skills in social engineering.

Step 4: Now wait!

You will have to stay patient at this time and wait for that user to click on that URL. The moment this happens, the IP address of that user will be grabbed before they get redirected to that content.

Step 5: Track the IP address through IP logger

Now go back to the Grabify website and then enter the tracking code that had been generated in that input file. First, click on ‘tracking code’ you shall be able to see all of the information of tracked request.

For each of the requests made you can see details like browser information, geolocation, and IP address. This is a highly recommended method, mainly because there isn’t much technicality to it and even a beginner will be able to do this.

Just remember that if the other user is making use of a VPN or proxy you won’t get an accurate IP address.

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