How to Export Whatsapp Contacts

You’re probably aware of WhatsApp’s growing popularity in today’s world. People’s demand to keep connected is growing as technology and social media continue to improve and flourish. Finding a dependable technique to save your contacts is crucial to ensure that you do not lose connections that you have created over time.

export whatsapp contacts

Contacts on WhatsApp are usually very significant since they let you keep track of all of your communications. Furthermore, if you have a stored contact, you can just search for that person by name and all of their messages will appear. In light of this, it’s critical to understand how to export WhatsApp contacts in order to generate a backup copy.

You can export your WhatsApp contacts to a vCard file. The vCard file may save your contacts in a standard file format, making it simple for end-users to share and transfer files across a network. Furthermore, this file format is compatible with a variety of contact management solutions. As a result, many WhatsApp users prefer to save their contacts in a VCF file.

How to Export Whatsapp Contacts

Install the Export Contacts For WhatsApp app from the Play Store. Begin the installation of the app on your device. To log in, tap “Sign In” and input your Google account information. Your contacts will be scanned and those who use WhatsApp will be filtered out. On the next screen, it will also display the statistics. Then tap “Export Contacts” to save all of your WhatsApp contacts as a CSV file.

The free version of the software has one limitation: you can’t export more than 100 contacts. To continue, tap “Export.” Finally, tap on Export and specify the desired filename. Note: Before you export your contacts, you’ll be given the option to view them. These instructions are exclusively for Android phones.

Convert CSV File to VCF Format

This task necessitates the use of a third-party tool (a CSV to VCF converter). Although you may accomplish this manually, employing a dependable tool will save you a lot of time and effort. A CSV to VCF converter facilitates the conversion of CSV files to the vCard format. The conversion process is made very simple and uncomplicated using this software.

Another method to export Whatsapp contact is as follow:

Export WhatsApp Group Contacts to Excel (iOS/Android)

This strategy is particularly useful for people you haven’t added to your WhatsApp contacts list, such as WhatsApp Groups. The way is to use a web browser to export the group contacts as an Excel file. To finish this process, you’ll need to log in to WhatsApp Web.

Follow these steps after login into WhatsApp web:

Step 1: The list of your chats can be seen on the left side of the screen. Select the group chat you want to use for exporting contacts from that list.

Step 2: On the right side of the screen, at the top, you’ll notice the group title as well as some of the contacts.

Step 3: Select “Inspect” from the menu by right-clicking on it.

Step 4: Locate the contacts in the “Elements” tab and select them all. Right-click on them and choose “Copy” then “Copy element.”

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