How to Export Whatsapp Contacts to Excel (Download Whatsapp Contacts)

WhatsApp Messenger was released nearly 13 years ago in 2009, and ever since its take-over by Facebook in 2015, it has dominated the cross-platform messaging industry. There is hardly any internet-accessible smartphone in the world that does not have WhatsApp. It is a cross-platform freeware that supports instant messaging and voice-over IP. Apart from just text and voice messages, WhatsApp has a host of other features, useful for you as an individual or as a professional as well.

export whatsapp contacts

These traits mentioned above of WhatsApp that make it versatile and productive are voice calls, video calls, formation of groups, sharing; files, images, contacts, location, etc. This application proves its mettle as an instant messaging application available on Android, iOS, and Windows. 

WhatsApp provides seamless sharing of end-to-end encrypted instant text messages and multimedia across individuals and private WhatsApp Groups. This application runs on mobile and desktops via the WhatsApp web feature, making sharing files across various platforms easier and hassle-free.

Available across the globe in 60 languages, WhatsApp messenger is highly versatile, adaptable, and easy to use. The cherry on top is that all this is accessible to you completely free of cost, without any subscriptions or ads.

With 2 billion plus persons using WhatsApp, it is the most used messenger application and the primary route of Internet communication in the entire Indian subcontinent, Latin America, and parts of North America. With over 100 billion messages being texted on WhatsApp daily, you will not be disappointed by the quality of service this application brings to the table.

Can You Export Whatsapp Contacts?

Yes, it is possible to export all your WhatsApp contacts in the form of a file. It comes in handy to have a spare copy of all your contacts on WhatsApp in case of a mishap that causes you to lose all your contacts on your device.

There are not one but two easy and effective methods you can opt for to export your WhatsApp contacts and keep a spare copy of all of them. These methods are:

  1. Export all your contacts in the form of a .csv file.
  2. Export all your contacts using Gmail.

Both of these methods can be used to create a spare copy of your existing WhatsApp contacts in case you lose your current device, erase it, the device malfunctions or you change your mobile number and device.

Let’s deal with a step-by-step method for all the above two ways of exporting contacts.

How to Export Whatsapp Contacts

Method 1: Download Whatsapp Contacts in a CSV file

Step 1: Turn on your Windows OS computer and download PanFone WhatsApp Transfer application from its website. To download it directly, follow this link:

Please install the application and run it.

Step 2: Once you open the application, turn on your Android/iOS device with the WhatsApp contacts you wish to export. Connect it to the computer using a USB cable. Once done, the PanFone application will automatically recognize the device.

Step 3: You will see four tabs on the main screen of PanFone. Click on Backup WhatsApp. Then, click on Start. Make sure you keep your Android/iOS device connected via USB and unlocked to continue the process.

Step 4: Wait for the process bar to fill up. Once the process is completed, it will read out as Backup Complete. Click on View to see all your WhatsApp backups. 

Select the backup you wish to view and click on the Browse button next to it.

Step 5: The backup will show all your existing chats and contacts on WhatsApp. Now select all the contacts you wish to export into a file. Then, click on Recover to Computer at the bottom of the screen.

Step 6: Now select CSV as the extraction method and click on Recovery. You will see all your exported contacts in a .csv file. You can store this file anywhere you want and keep it as a spare. It’s done.

Using PanFone, you can export your contacts, and all your chats are well. You can also backup your shared media such as photos, attachments, etc. PanFone can also be used to recover contacts into a new device.

Method 2: Export WhatsApp Contacts using Gmail

Step 1: Turn on your computer and log in to your Gmail account using your credentials.

Step 2: On the top-left side of the screen, click on the Settings icon. From the drop-down list, click on Contacts.

Step 3: Click on the down arrow next to More. Then click on Import. 

Step 4: Now, select a CSV file and click on OK. This will export and save all your WhatsApp contacts on your Gmail account.

Note that you will require a computer to use the PanFone application and export all your WhatsApp contacts. It is that easy. You can quickly recover any of your lost contacts using the PanFone application on your computer as well.

Can You Run Whatsapp on a Computer as Well?

Of course, you can! WhatsApp recently added the Web feature that can be used on Windows and Mac PCs. To run WhatsApp on your computer, you will need your mobile device, which has your WhatsApp account. 

To use WhatsApp on your computer, follow the given steps:

Step 1: Open your computer. Open a web browser and run the web version of WhatsApp. You will find it on 

Once done, Open WhatsApp on your Android/iOS device.

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