How to Know If Someone Read Your Whatsapp Message With “Read Receipt” Turn Off

WhatsApp offers both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, it is one of the most user-friendly mobile apps for calling and texting; yet, disabling read receipts affect WhatsApp check marks and message content as you are not able to ensure completely if someone has read your message if the blue ticks have been turned off.

know if someone read your whatsapp message

Individual chats, groups, and WhatsApp status all behave differently.

On WhatsApp chats, there are three types of ticks they are single, double, and blue. The single grey tick in personal chats indicates that the message has already been sent from your end.

The message was properly delivered to the receiver when two grey checkmarks appear next to your message this happens when their device is connected to the internet. The two blue ticks indicate that your message has been read by the receiver.

The ticks that are displayed alongside your sent messages are read receipts. WhatsApp’s read receipt’s function helps you to hide or expose blue checkmarks and message details. However, it is pretty cumbersome when someone has switched their read receipts of and you need to know if they have read the message or not.

When you send someone a personal text on WhatsApp and they read it, you usually see blue tick marks appearing next to your message indicating that they have read the message. You will be able to see the precise moment when they have read your text by tapping the icon.

However, if they have turned off read receipts in their WhatsApp settings you won’t be able to do the above.

This article will tell you about how you can figure out if someone has read your message or not even if they have turned their blue ticks off on WhatsApp.

How to Know If Someone Read Your Whatsapp Message with “Read Receipt” Turn Off

1. Sending a Voice Note

Face it, we’ve all been there. You sent a few messages, but your friend’s WhatsApp “Read Receipts” option has been switched off, so after a while, you start wondering if they’re ignoring you on purpose or are just busy right now. One of the easiest ways to check if your message has been read or not is to send a voice note along with it.

WhatsApp voice notes do not support the feature that enables the blue ticks to be turned off. Even if the person you send the messages to does not listen to the entire voice note, blue ticks will display after it has been played, confirming that the individual has viewed the contents of the messages.

This is true for both the Android and iOS operating systems. As of yet, WhatsApp has made no steps to rectify this situation.

This approach is beneficial for determining whether or not your messages have been acknowledged, however, it can get incredibly unpleasant after a while. You can also go to the time it was read by long-pressing the audio clip message and going to its Info. The voice clip message will only show blue ticks after the other person has heard it.

2. Using the ‘Delete’ option

When you send a message and the other person hasn’t seen it or if you are unable to find out because their read receipts have been turned off. There is another way you can find out if they have read it or not and if you do not want to appear annoying by sending a voice message to them then follow the steps given below to find out:

Step One: Open the personal chat of the person you’d like to find out if they have seen your message.

Step Two: Long press the message that you have sent. You’ll get an options bar where one of the options is to you delete your message. Click on it. You will further get more options like, ‘Delete for me’, ‘Cancel’, ‘Delete for everyone.

If that individual has read your message the possibilities that will be shown to you are as follows, ‘Delete for me’ or ‘Cancel’.

It’s an excellent method to see who among your pals is interested enough in you to reply to your messages.

How To Check If your Message Has Been Read In A Whatsapp Group?

A simple feature in the chatting software allows you to see who has viewed your text in a WhatsApp group chat. The tick goes blue when all members of a WhatsApp group have read the messages, regardless of whether the members have turned off their blue ticks or not. Just press on the message a second longer than you normally would, you will be presented with several options, select on the information option.

As a result, it will reveal which people in the group have read your message as well as who has not read it yet. Not only does it show you who has read your message, but it will also display the delivery and their reading times. This is true not only for texts, but also for links, images, and videos.

It’s also worth noting that Read Receipts cannot be blocked in group chats, thus there’s no need to send voice messages in group chats to see whether everyone is checking your stuff out because the blue checkmarks will already be there.

What To Do If You Are On The Receiving End Of These Voice Notes?

If you are the one who has disabled Read Receipts on WhatsApp, you should also expect a variety of voice notes, especially if you want to enjoy a peaceful Sunday. Ignore the message if you do not want to disclose whether you’ve read it or not.

The ticks appear only after you have heard the voice note, hence the WhatsApp read receipt does not work for audio clips. Delete the message rather than playing it. You won’t get any blue ticks on the other side, and you’ll be able to enjoy a calm weekend.

Final Thoughts:

There you have it! Simplest solutions for making sure that can help youto know if someone read your Whatsapp Message with “Read Receipt” turn off.

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