How to Know Someone’s Birthday on Whatsapp

Birthday surprises are definitely welcomed because birthdays are special occasions. You might add people’s birthdays to the list if you enjoy organizing surprises for others on their special occasions. But what if you’ve only recently met a new friend who casually invited you over to celebrate their birthday? You might be wondering now when their birthday is and are unsure what to do.

know someone’s birthday on whatsapp

You merely have their WhatsApp number in your contact list as a record of them. Naturally, you’d want to know how to find out about someone’s birthday on WhatsApp.

In any case, if you have their WhatsApp number, we’d say it’s not entirely hopeless. We’ll be pleased to provide tips on using this well-known instant messaging app to find out about your new friend’s birthday.

Are you ready for it? Let us read the blog carefully to learn more about it.

How to Know Someone’s Birthday on Whatsapp

We are present here to help you with your search for a WhatsApp feature that would allow you to find someone’s birthday. However, WhatsApp does not offer a birthday reminder feature like Facebook.

We regret having to break this to you. So, if you were hoping for one, you could be slightly let down because of this. But the journey is not over just yet.

We offer a few options that you can use to find out about someone’s birthday on this messaging app. Let’s see what they are and how they can help in the section that follows.

Asking them directly on WhatsApp

We advise you to be direct and casually inquire about their birthday over WhatsApp. Although many of you would prefer to avoid it, we know that this is the most direct route. It is really simple and straightforward as well.

You may just open WhatsApp, go to their chat, and send them a quick Hey, when is your birthday text. They will surely respond to you when they see the message.

Now, if you know, the above text is enough if you are close to the person. However, a simple message won’t cut it if the person is someone you just added to your contacts or is a member of your professional circle.

Therefore, you can inquire about their birthday while explaining your need for the information. But if you decide this approach is not for you, see the other choices below.

Contacting one of their mutual friends on WhatsApp

We are aware that asking someone directly about their birthday may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But what if you ask a mutual friend for assistance? This is the best plan if you know someone who is a friend of both the target individual and you.

If you plan to use this strategy, you must have a mutual friend on WhatsApp. Simply go to the mutual friend’s chat and send them a message asking them when the birthday of the target individual is. They will be able to help you in finding out the person’s birthdate without you having to question them if they know.

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