How to Track Someone through Text Message – Text Message Location Tracker

Text Link to Find Location Free: We all have faced a situation when we needed to know the current location of our kids or a family member who’s constantly getting messages from unknown users. If you are a parent, you absolutely need the tracking device to track the recent location of your kid.

track location of phone by text message

The growing technology has helped us in many ways, but we can’t ignore the fact that it has also made it difficult for our children to surf the internet without risks. At the same time, it has opened many opportunities for your spouse to cheat on you.

What if we tell you it is possible to track someone’s location just by text messages? Or that you don’t need to ask your kids directly about their location and still know where they are? Well, there are a plethora of apps that help you keep track of your child’s or others’ location without them knowing. Yes, you read it right. The person you are keeping tabs on will never know you are tracking their location. So, how can that be done? How can you know where the user is and what they are up to?

If you are also looking for ways to track the location of someone’s mobile by text messages, you have come to the right place!

In this post, we will walk you through a detailed guide of the tips and tricks for tracking the location of the target easily. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Reasons to Track Location Through Text Messages

The first and foremost reason why you should consider using location tracking tools is safety. Children do not know the difference between a safe and unsafe conversation. They don’t know if the website they are browsing is 100% authentic and safe.

What if they are using services run by scammers? This can get your children in trouble. So, it is important to know who your kid is talking to and who’s sending them messages regularly.

A good tracking app can also be used to track your employees’ location and see if they have reached the work destination or not. Or, it can be used to catch a cheating spouse.

If you see your spouse being on the phone way too much, this is probably a sign they are talking to someone. Of course, it can be a business conversation, but if you receive many red flags, you should probably check it once to see who they are texting. Here’s what you can do with the location tracking apps:

  • Keep tabs on their current location
  • Learn about who they are talking to
  • Use the tool discreetly to keep an eye on a suspect
  • Get personal information about people your kids are connected to
  • Get real-time information about your kids and people they are texting

That was only to name a few. The advanced location tracking tools come packed with many features that give you the options to know about the location of the target just by checking their SMS.

How to Track Someone through Text Message (Text Message Location Tracker)

If you can track someone’s location through text messages, can that person also know your current location? Well, the GPS location is designed to tell your current location to your family so they can know where you are and send help if needed. These are used for emergency purposes mainly, so it is always a good idea to keep your GPS on.

Your family can know where you access the “text message” feature based on the closest cellular tower to your location. Given the right tools, all that your family needs is a phone number so they can know your location. This can be done through triangulation.

However, triangulation is not available for everyone, and even if you manage to access it, there is no guarantee it will give you the accurate and most up-to-date location. That’s why people use the text location tracker to get a clear picture of the current location of the target.

Method 1: Grabify IP Logger

If you are looking for the most reliable and secure tool to collect the IP address of the target user, Grabify IP Logger is your best bet. You don’t need to go through all the technicalities of searching for someone’s IP address using coding and hacking techniques when you have Grabify. It does all the hard work for you and sends you the necessary details you need to find the location of the target. Let’s see how it works.

First things first, you can use it for only users you are either friends with or those you know very well. Grabify IP Logger works only if you can build a connection with the target, communicate with them, and make them visit a link you send. So, this tool absolutely works if you are tracking your spouse or a kid. The trick is simple. Let’s check out the step-by-step guide of using Grabify IP Logger to track your target’s current location.

Step 1: Get a Link

A link to any website that you are certain your friend will be interested in will do. Let’s say you are tracking your child’s location. In order to get access to their IP address, you need to get them to visit the Grabify tool. So, how do you do that? You must already know what your child is interested in. For example, if they like cricket, a live cricket website that shows the latest news around cricket will definitely capture their attention. So, find the latest cricket news they would want to read and copy the website link.

Step 2: Use Grabify

This link will work as the bait that captures the attention of the target user and get them to reveal their IP address without knowing. Once you have got the link, paste it in the search bar of the Grabify IP address tracker tool and click on “create a URL”. This will be the shortened version of the link, which directs the user to the website, but when they click on this shortened link, their IP address will be collected and stored on Grabify.

Step 3: Send a Link to the Target

You must make sure that the target clicks on the link so that their IP address gets recorded on Grabify. For that, you are supposed to send a shortened version of the link to the target user and ask them whether they have checked it (a couple of hours later).

Step 4: Get Access to the Logs

Once you are sure they have clicked on the link, head over to Grabify’s home page and type the access code or paste the link you had used earlier to check out the logs. On the Results page, you can find the information about the target, including their IP address, where they are using the device currently, and other such information about the user. You could use these cool features to access other information about the target, such as the device they are using, whether they are on VPN, battery status, and more.

Tip: Make sure you change the domain of Grabify, as it is quite popular for catfishing. There is a chance your kids or the target person you are tracking already know about this location tracking tool. Changing the domain will help you do it discreetly. They will never know you are keeping tabs on them, while you can get access to their current location.

2. Google Maps – Location Tracking

The safest and most popular method for tracking someone’s location is by using Google Maps. This location tracking tool is not only safe, but it gives you the easiest way to find the IP address of the target. However, this method does not work discreetly. The target person will know that you are tracking their location, so you may want to skip it if you want to hide it from the person.

You use Google Maps to share your location with a family member, a friend, and other users to track their IP address in real-time and know where they are. Kids must be okay with the location sharing function, so if you have kids and you need to know their current location, here’s how you can use Google Maps to do that:

  • Turn on Google Maps on your iOS and Android devices
  • Tap the account option on the top of the screen and enable the location sharing option
  • At the bottom of the page, you will get a list of people who are sharing their location with you.
  • Tap their names to get a precise location

There you go! As tempting and easy as this method seems, you should know that it does not work for everyone, especially those who are tracking someone’s location discreetly. You can’t know the location of a user without them knowing if you are using Google Maps for tracking. So, this method works only when you are tracking the location of someone who gives their consent for location sharing.

Text Link to Find Location Free

Let’s face the reality – while both methods mentioned above work fine and are safe, you need to know that they do not work for most people. In most cases, people want to track the location of a user discreetly, i.e they don’t want the target to know they are tracking their location. So, your best bet is to use the location tracking apps to keep tabs on the target without informing them. Here are a few apps that work.

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