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Have you ever thought about the possibility of someone being able to extract your Internet Protocol (IP) address from PS4? Or, have you ever tried accessing the same of your opponent on PS4 for some unspeakable reason? Well, it may sound strange, but it’s very much possible to accomplish technically. 

ps4 ip address finder

IP address, being a unique alphanumeric ID, have been employed to route the devices’ data packets ever since the internet took charge. Once the device gets connected to the internet, it is bound to attain an IP address regardless of its type. This ranges from smartphones to laptops, smart TVs, and even gaming consoles.

As PlayStation is the most sought-after console going around, it has to regulate the abundant traffic on the platform. PS4 is increasingly attaining a coveted status in the gaming fraternity as it offers myriads of engaging games, ranging from the popular FIFA to Battlefield to what not. It allows you to live stream YouTube videos, social media displays, or watch a movie. 

Apart from that, people usually prefer to interact with each other amidst the live games on PS4 via voice chat. The servers identify each one of those live attendees on the platform via gamertag associated with an IP address. A gamertag is basically an auxiliary alias along with a bit of info to virtually symbolize oneself amidst the live game in the Xbox community.

Usually, these live conversations amidst the game turn into an escalated version of virtual anonymity considering the intensified gaming moments. Sometimes, the heated discussion can even lead to virtual threats being hurled at one another which is quite scary to visualize. The nastiest threat being flung at each other is threatening your opponent with attaining their IP address followed by spotting them out in no time.

Although most of these comments are made in the heat of the moment, someone could actually tend to obstruct your status with a DDoS attack. Thus, let’s unleash the technicalities of mastering this crux of attaining an IP from just PS4 alone. It’s alarmingly crucial for you to interpret how your IP can be traced in the Xbox community so that you can better wear an incognito shield going forward.

How to Find Someone’s IP Address on PS4

The PS4 has been engineered in a way that inhibits your IP from the public arch, but there are few tried and tested techniques to unearth it via some specialized tools. It’s time to unleash those methodologies in order to trace someone’s IP via PS4, as well as how to keep your information safe in the process.

Method 1: Making use of PC to monitor the packets

Step 1: Make sure your PC is internet-wired with either Wi-Fi or a broadband connection.

Step 2: Use an ethernet cable to connect your PS4 console to your PC and activate connection sharing. Well, this would allow your PS4 to establish connection with the network and all data packets will traverse through your PC before reaching your console.

Step 3: Lastly, you can make use of the services of Wireshark to inspect every packet of information that traverses through your PC, allowing you to single out IPs if required.

Note: If you have proper equipment, you can probe the IPs of the users you’re playing with in the Xbox community by port mirroring the packets approaching to your PC (running Wireshark) from the console.

Method 2: Making use of an IP Puller

Step 1: Primarily, you have to figure out the content piece you feel the opponent might be interested in. Well, this would probably make it easier to convince them to go all out on your link.

Step 2: Secondly, move to Grabify’s homepage, and type your URL in the provided space.

Step 3: Being a URL shortener, it would provide you a shortened version of the URL along with a tracking code. The shortened URL would act as the potential bait for attaining the IP.

Step 4: Send this custom URL to the other gamer on PS4.

Step 5: The validation regarding their activities on your link would be notified on Grabify with the aid of your tracking code. Well, if they’ve, you’ll receive their IP, OS, device, and even the concerned geolocation sparing no time.

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