How to Fix “We’re Having Trouble Loading This Photo” on Tinder

Tinder is a jackpot if you’re shy, and online dating apps are your go-to! You can swipe to see your potential matches; the list is never-ending. However, glitches are common on any app, and Tinder is no exception. At times, you’ll see, “We’re having trouble loading this photo” on the platform while swiping.

fix we’re having trouble loading this photo on tinder

Now, this is not what you agreed to when you signed up for this dating app. After all, pictures serve as your first impression, so how will you continue using Tinder if you can’t view the photos?

You’ve come to us at just the right time because we’ll discuss how to fix this error on Tinder. Let’s dive right in.

How to Fix “We’re Having Trouble Loading This Photo” on Tinder?

Nobody likes to see the usual Tinder error “We’re having trouble loading this photo.” But thankfully, it’s not too complex, so you don’t need a tech whiz to figure it out.

You must keep in mind that there is more than one contributing factor to the error. There are multiple possible causes, and we’ll learn how to address each one below.

Reason 1: Unreliable internet connectivity

No online app works without the internet. They won’t load until the apps get strong network connectivity.

Similarly, you cannot browse Tinder without consistent internet connectivity. Thus, you shouldn’t be shocked to see the error if you’re experiencing a shaky connection!

Fix 1: Check your internet connectivity

The reason is simple, and so is the fix. Check whether you’ve switched on your net connection.

If you have, try alternating between your wifi and cellular data. Once a stable connection is established, your “we’re having trouble loading this photo” error will disappear.

Fix 2: Avoid VPNs

VPN services usage is on the rise for masking your IP addresses and connecting to servers from different nations. But, it appears that their use slows down your internet speed.

Why don’t you consider avoiding them when using Tinder? Doing so might assist you in getting rid of the error.

Reason 2: Tinder is down

Have you asked fellow Tinder users you know whether they can access the app? Does this error appear on their profile as well?

If yes, Tinder’s servers have crashed. See, apps going down is not anything complex! There are power outages, maintenance work, or reasons only known to the app creators.

Fix 1: Wait it out

If the problem occurs due to Tinder’s servers, you can do nothing about it. Users must wait for the servers to go back up and running to use it.

Reason 3: In-app bugs

Bugs are common on Tinder, and it looks like they have appeared again if you see this error popping up on your account. The basic issue is that Tinder frequently doesn’t reveal the problem, leaving the cause of these issues unknown. Instead of being idle, we must focus on finding a solution to the problem for the time being.

Fix 1: Update the Tinder app

In-app bugs are typically a result of using the old version of an application. We believe the same applies to Tinder. The app developers constantly release updates to fix any errors popping up on the platform.

If you are willing to update Tinder, we’ll tell you the steps below.

Steps to update your Tinder app:

Step 1: Go to your respective stores and search for Tinder.

Step 2: Do you see an update option next to the app’s name? Please click it to proceed.

Open the app after the updates are installed successfully and see whether it works.

Fix 2: Switch to your browser or vice versa

Are you using your browser to access Tinder, or is it your official mobile app? Well, you must switch to your alternate choice to get rid of this error.

If you’ve been using your browser at the time of the error, consider your mobile app for the same now. Sometimes, a fix as simple as this can help you avoid or bypass the glitch on the Tinder app. However, if this doesn’t help, please move on to the next one.

Fix 3: Wait for the creators to fix it

If you’re unaware of the source of the error, the best you can do is stop using the app for the time being. The app creators must have taken note of the error, so let them do their job to fix it.

Fix 4: Get in touch with Tinder support

Every app has an in-app support team that assists users in tackling problems that are too difficult to handle for them. You can reach out to Tinder support for this error too. They can help you solve this problem easily, and you’ll know what triggered this error to appear on your account.

Steps to get in touch with Tinder:

Step 1: Open your web browser and visit this link.

Step 2: Tap the dropdown menu to pick your reason for submitting a request.

You can go with A Tinder feature isn’t working option here.

Step 3: Enter your email address associated with the account in the form that appears.

Step 4: Type in your phone number if required; otherwise, you can skip this step.

Step 5: Select the profile & settings option in the What feature is this about category.

Step 6: Describe the problem and attach a file or picture to back your claim.

Step 7: Tap the submit button.

In the end

That’s it, folks; we’ve neared the end of our discussion. The error, “We’re having trouble loading this photo,” is not tricky to fix.

You must look at the specified reasons and then apply the fixes. Hopefully, the problem won’t take much time to disappear from your account.

However, if you had to contact Tinder support, it may take a little while for the team to respond, but they will fix it.

Have more Tinder-related questions and doubts? Feel free to use our comments box for further discussions.

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