How to Track Location of Someone’s Xbox Account

Xbox is one of the best places to play games and be part of an online community of gamers and gaming enthusiasts. But users who love spending time on their Xbox consoles or the website know that the platform is more than just another gaming platform. Xbox is a socio-gaming platform. It enables users to play games with other users and also allows them to share their gaming achievements with others. Not just that, you can also find users, chat with them, and be friends– all from within the Xbox network!

track location of someone's xbox account

These social additions are the cherry on top of the amazing gaming experience. And since you can interact with other players even outside the games you play, you might be interested in knowing more about them. You might want to know about the games they play and their activity inside and outside of Xbox. You may even want to know about their location!

But how many of these things are actually possible? Let’s discover the answers in this blog.

How to Track Location of Someone’s Xbox Account

Well, it’s normal to get interested in someone online so much that you want to know where they are from. It’s perfectly normal to get interested in what the other person is up to.

However, is it normal to be able to find someone’s location on any social media platform, let alone Xbox? Think about it.

Okay, let’s first try to understand everything that Xbox offers.

Xbox is a fairly social platform:

Xbox allows you to share posts on your activity feed on the platform. You can share your in-game achievements, game milestones, and anything related to games. Other players can see your achievements, like your posts, comment on them, or share them with others.

Apart from posts, players can also interact directly via DMs and even become friends on the platform. Xbox facilitates all these interactions, giving players a wholesome social media experience within the Xbox network.

But it’s also very privacy-oriented:

Xbox players are no different from other people. They love their privacy, just like all of us do. And Xbox knows that well. And like a responsible platform that cares for its users, it has several privacy measures to tackle potential violations.

It allows users to control who can view their activity and posts. It also lets users control what content they see, whose posts they see, and who they don’t want to talk with. You can also mute users or even block them if they disturb you.

And that’s why you CANNOT track someone’s location on Xbox:

With all these privacy features, it goes without saying that you won’t be able to track someone’s location on Xbox. Whether you use Xbox on the console, Windows PC, or smartphone, there is no way you can find someone’s location without asking them directly.

Online platforms have become much more secure than ever, and gone are the days when you could hack into someone’s account so easily and find details about them. Not that it’s impossible yet. But finding someone’s location on Xbox? It’s just not possible.

Here’s what you can do on Xbox: Find someone’s IP address

There can be many things you can do on Xbox. But trying to find someone’s location is just not the right thing to look for. However, you can do one thing with some effort. You can find someone’s IP address on Xbox without asking the person directly.

There are mainly two ways to find IP addresses on Xbox.

Firstly, you can find a user’s IP address by taking the help of tools like Xbox IP Resolver. These tools can help you find a user’s IP address by inputting their gamertag in the tool. The tool claims to search for the gamertag in its vast database of users and shows you the corresponding IP address.

However, these tools are not always reliable as their database (if it exists) is far from exhaustive. And even if you find a result, it can still be wrong.

Therefore, another, better way of finding an IP address is via IP logging tools like Grabify. You can send an IP-grabbing link to the person. And when they click on the link, the IP logger registers their IP address. You can then check the tracking link and see the IP address.

How to track the IP address of an Xbox account (via IP logger):

To get started with finding out someone’s IP address on Xbox using an IP logger, you need a normal link that leads to an online blog, article, video, or anything else. You can then submit this link on Grabify to get an IP-grabbing link.

Follow these steps to track someone’s IP address on Discord:

Step 1: Go to and paste the initial link on the big box on the Grabify home page.

Step 2: Click on Create URL. A pop-up will appear; click onthe I Agree and Create URL button.

Step 3: Copy the New URL link on the next page. This is the IP-grabbing link. You can also choose other link shorteners at your convenience.

Step 4: Copy the tracking code from the page.

Step 5: Now open Xbox and go to the user’s profile. Start a conversation and send the link.

Step 6: Once the user clicks on the link, go to and paste the tracking code you copied in step 4. And click on Tracking Code.

Step 7: Scroll down through the Tracking Page to the Results section. You will find the user’s IP address along with details about the ISP, server location, time zone, browser information, and device information.

Note that IP addresses change frequently and do not tell the user’s exact location. You will only find the approximate location of the ISP’s server on the tracking page. There is no way to find the user’s location other than by asking them directly or hacking into their account.

In the end

Before wrapping up this blog, let us recap everything discussed in the above section.

You cannot track the location of someone’s Xbox account. There is absolutely no legit way of tracking someone without their permission on any online platform, and we strongly advise you against doing that.

Instead, you can track their IP address to find out an estimate of where they live. You can do that with the help of an IP-grabbing tool like Grabify.

Well, you can’t track people’s location. But how about sharing this blog and letting your friends know the same? They would thank you for clearing their misconception. And you will remember us and return to us to read more such blogs!

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