Can You See Who Viewed Your Discord Profile?

No matter where we are from or what we do, we all have a common trait that is always reflected in all our actions: the longing to control our lives. We want to control everything that happens to us and everything that will and might happen. We like to be aware of our surroundings and everything that concerns us in any way. And sometimes, we wish to change many of these things according to our requirements.

can you see who viewed your discord profile

The same trait is exhibited on social media as well. You want to control what you see, who you follow, and who messages you. You want to take control of your account. You might also want to know and control who can see your profile.

But the question is, can you actually do that? The answer solely depends on what social media platform you are talking about.

This blog will answer the question for your Discord profile. So, if you are wondering if you can see who views your Discord profile, make sure not to leave this page until you finish reading this blog. Read on to know if and how you can see who viewed your Discord profile.

Can You See Who Viewed Your Discord Profile?

Discord enables you to connect with like-minded individuals via public servers dedicated to various topics. These servers make it possible for participants to see you, contact you, and message you on the app if you allow it.

Therefore, anyone you might not know can view your profile to see your account info. But can you find out who views your profile?

The answer is NO. You can’t see your profile viewers on Discord. Anyone can view your profile through the servers you are part of. And similarly, you, too, can view anyone’s profile on Discord in the same way.

Discord never notifies its users when someone visits their profile, and there is no way you can see this info.

But that’s also good news in a way. You can view anyone’s profile without giving away your identity.

Can third-party apps help?

When you Google anything, you get results. But are all results correct and accurate? Never, right? In fact, most of the search results are wrong. And the proportion of irrelevant or incorrect results increases when searches regarding third-party apps and platforms are involved.

As such, you might find several platforms on Google that claim to show you your profile viewers.

They say that once you provide them with the necessary details about your Discord account, they will show you the list of people who have viewed your profile in the last 24 hours or seven days.

But remember this: All of these platforms are outright scams. And all they can do is try to make a fool of you. But we won’t let it happen.

The fact, as we discussed above, is that Discord doesn’t make your profile viewing history available to anyone. And most likely, the platform doesn’t even store that information.

So, if a tool claims to do something that Discord doesn’t, consider it a big red flag. We strongly suggest you stay away from such third-party tools.

Who can see your profile on Discord?

Anyone who can find you can see your profile on Discord. Discord doesn’t provide you the option to hide your profile from certain users unless you block someone altogether.

Now, there are many ways someone can find you on Discord.

The most common way to find someone is through Discord servers. If you are active on a Discord server, your profile is more likely to get viewed by people you don’t know. And you are more likely to get messages from people you don’t know.

Besides server members, your friends can also view your profile. People who have saved their number in their Contact List can also see you and send you a friend request.

Anyone who is not your friend or a server member cannot view your profile, as they can’t find you in the first place! And to find you, they need your username– complete with the four-digit tag. Once they find you, they can easily view your profile.

Who can message you on Discord?

Along with viewing your profile, Discord members can also message you depending on your privacy settings for the server or for your Discord account as a whole.

Obviously, your friends can message you directly by going to the Chats section of the app.

Server members can message you by finding you from the list of members or by tapping on your profile picture thumbnail beside the message you sent to the server.

If you prefer, you can prevent server members from messaging you if they are not your friends. You can do that from the Settings section for each server separately or directly from your Discord profile page in the Privacy and Safety section.

People who are not your friends or don’t share any servers with you cannot send your DMs on Discord.

Summing up

In this blog, we discussed how viewing your profile viewers on Discord is not possible as the platform doesn’t make this information available for anyone to see.

We also discussed the inefficiency of third-party apps and other details about your Discord account, like who can view your profile and who can message you.

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