Airtel Call History – How to Get Call History of Any Airtel Number

In the current world, checking call history of Airtel number has become very important as you will be able to know which people were contacted by call and when. The airtel call history contains every incoming and outgoing call as well as a missed one with the date time, and duration. In simple words, the Airtel call history is all you need to figure out who the target user called and for how long they talked to their contacts.

airtel call history

Have you ever wanted to know who your favorite person called without telling you? What if we tell you it’s possible to get the full call history of any user on their Airtel prepaid and postpaid numbers?

If you too want to get the call logs of an Airtel user, you have come to the right place.

Here you can find a complete guide on how to get the call history of Airtel numbers online in India.

In fact,

These are the same strategies you can use to check the call history of any Airtel number for free. That’s doesn’t matter whether you are using a postpaid or prepaid number.

Sound’s good? Let’s get started.

Why Should You Check Airtel Call History?

There can be many reasons. For starters, you may simply want to keep an eye on your child or a spouse. By checking the call history, you will get detailed insights into the list of contacts they called or received an incoming call from, along with the duration details.

For example, you can trace the number they have been calling multiple times a day to know who they are talking to and how long they talk to people. If you suspect that your kid is under someone’s bad influence or is acting strangely for the past few days, you should check their Airtel call history. It shows you the details of people they have been in touch with.

The crime department also checks the call history of the criminal, suspect, or victim to trace someone’s location. The best part is that you can check the call records of an Airtel number for absolutely free. Whether it is a postpaid number or a prepaid user, you can get a full history of the contacts the person called for the past couple of days along with other details.

Is it Possible to Get Call History of Any Airtel Number?

Of course, with the advancement and innovation of technology, you can easily get any Airtel number’s call records of all time in India. There are so many methods to do that also each method has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Below you can find the possible ways to do that.

  • Cocospy (All time call records)
  • Airtel Official App (Only last 10 call records)
  • Contact Customer Care

Let’s dig into the detailed guide of each method.

How to Check Call History of Any Airtel Number using Cocospy

Cocospy allows you to check and monitor the call history of any number without touching their phone. In addition, you can also check SMS, Contact Details, Live Location, and WhatsApp message history.

This app is available for both Android and iPhone devices. But keep in mind that it’s not available for free, there are three different plans available like $39.00, $49.99, and $69.99 to meet your different requirements.

To get the call history of any Airtel number, you need to install the Cocospy app on an Android or iPhone device. Register for a new account by email id and login to the same. Just click on the call history option and enter the Airtel number to get the call history of all time.

Here’s how you can:

Cocospy’s Android Spy OR Cocospy’s iPhone Spy

  • Enter your email and password, click on the signup button.
airtel call history
  • Select the target device you want to get the call history.
airtel call history
  • Next, select the plan according to your requirements. I highly recommend the Premium version because it cost you only $9.99 per month if you buy for 12 months.
airtel call history
  • Enter any airtel mobile number of whose call details you want to check.
  • That’s it, on the next screen, you will see the Airtel call details of all time as shown in below image.
airtel call history

How to Get Call History of Your Airtel Number

1. Last Three Airtel Call History

To get the last three call history on your Airtel number, open the Phone Call app and dial *121# from your Airtel number. Next, select the call history option from the keypad. That’s it, within a minute you will receive an SMS with your last three call records.

You can also call the customer care support team to get call details of any Airtel mobile number of all time.

2. Get Airtel Call History by Month

  • Open the SMS app on your Airtel device.
  • Tap on the create new message icon.
  • Type “SMS EPREBILL <Month Name> <Email ID>”.
  • For Example: EPREBILL MARCH [email protected]
  • Send it to 121 from Airtel number.
  • You will receive the call history with of the desired month within 1 minute.

3. Last Three Month Airtel Call History

  • Go to the Airtel website.
  • Tap on the profile icon at the top.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Select the call history option.
  • Type any Airtel mobile number.
  • That’s it, next you will see the last three monts call details.

Final Words:

I hope guys now you can easily find the call history of any Airtel number after reading this article. If you have any questions then let us know in the comment section below.

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