How to Track Location of Someone’s Discord Account

We all have been there. You meet someone online, chat with them once, then twice, and become increasingly interested in them. You start following their online activities– what they post, share, and do online on that platform. Slowly but steadily, you start becoming familiar with their online routine. You know when they come online and when they go offline. But then, all of it doesn’t seem enough. You realize that you want to know more about them than what they have made available for you to know. You want to know their offline activities and physical location– basically, you just become too curious.

track location of someone's discord account

Are you currently in a similar situation?

Do you want to turn into a spy and stalk someone on Discord? Are you interested in tracking down someone’s whereabouts via Discord? In other words, do you want to track their location?

If yes, then this blog is where you need to be for the next five minutes. Here is where you will get all your answers. And your curiosity will come to an end. And even if none of that happens, one thing is certain: You will learn more about Discord and its features.

How to Track Location of Someone’s Discord Account

Knowing the possibility of success before trying to accomplish a task is always good practice. It gives you a better idea of whether the effort is going to be worth it.

So, let’s first discuss whether tracking someone’s location on Discord is even possible.

The possibilities of Discord:

On Discord, the possibilities of connecting with like-minded people are literally endless. You can pick any topic, anything you love, and chances are pretty high you will find a server bustling with people who love the same topic.

The platform allows you to find friends on these servers, chat with them, or even create a server of your own to hang out with other folks who have some common interests! This way, you can take your Discord experience to a more social level.

But does this mean Discord is overly social? Not at all. The platform allows you to connect with strangers online. But it has some fixed limits. You cannot know much information about any user except what they make available on their profile.

As such, do you think it would be possible to know someone’s location on Discord?

No! You can’t track someone’s location on Discord.

Discord is no different from most platforms when it comes to offering its users the most important thing: privacy. In fact, it is one of the safest platforms available out there! You cannot expect to open Discord and find someone’s location hiding in some corner of the app.

The only way to find someone’s location on Discord is by asking the person directly! And we are not joking; there’s really no other way.

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