How to See How Many Tinder Matches You Have (See All Matches on Tinder)

Let’s accept it: We all need someone with whom we can feel alive, share our secrets, and be our true selves. Not everyone you meet can check these boxes; there are always a few, or more often, just a single person you can trust with your thoughts. And finding that person is anything but easy. In spite of this difficulty, most of us are in search of that person at some point in our life. And when apps like Tinder offer us a way toward that person, we want to try our hands at making the most of this opportunity.

see how many tinder matches you have

The excitement of creating your Tinder profile for the first time, getting your first match, and having your first Tinder date are experiences that remain in mind for a long time. The suspense of whether the next person you swipe right will be a match is much sought after. But what if you could see your potential matches at once?

Not that seeing the number of matches is very important. But it might be desirable if you like knowing things beforehand, want to share this number with your friends, or are just curious. But is this possible?

That’s the question we will answer in this blog. Read on to know whether you can count the number of Tinder matches you have and how you can do that if possible.

How to See How Many Tinder Matches You Have (See All Matches on Tinder)

If you want to know how many matches you have ever got on Tinder, there are not many options available for you.

Tinder does not allow you to see the number of matches you have. But it was not always like that. Had you asked this question a few years ago, we would have said yes. There used to be some simple ways to determine the number of people you have matched with over time.

Until recently, there used to be a search bar at the top of the Chats section in the app that used to show the number of matches you had. But sadly, this option is no longer present, so it is no use talking about them.

As of now, you can go through the Chats section of the Tinder mobile app and count the number of people you see under New Matches. You can also scroll through your messages and count the number of people you have chatted with.

If you want to count the exact number of matches, it’s best to count them each time you get a match. Since there are no fixed ways of finding this number, these manual methods are, unfortunately, the only ways to know how many matches you have.

Summing up

Getting a match on Tinder is exciting and fun. But when it comes to counting the number of matches you have on Tinder, there are no fixed ways to do that.

In this blog, we have talked about whether you can find out how many matches you have on Tinder. Although there are presently no sure-shot methods of finding out this number on Tinder, you can get an estimate by going through the list of your new matches and messages. We have also discussed how you can see the number of likes you have got on Tinder.

If you still have any questions or confusion regarding Tinder, send them to us via the comments. If you like this blog, share it with your friends who also use Tinder.

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