How to Know if Someone Touched Your Phone

Each one of us likes and expects privacy when it comes to our mobile phones. But at times, we have to keep our phones away from us for a certain time and it is exactly then, that some mischievous people can scrounge into your phones and try to break your privacy. But in the digital world, there are plenty of solutions to solve one single problem and there are also plenty of ways for this one as well. Let us have a look at the various ways in which you can easily discover if someone else touched your phone in your absence.

know if someone touched your phone

Though almost every mobile phone user has either a pattern lock or password lock on the screen. This can be attributed as the primary line of defense and usually works fine. But if the trespasser is aware of the unlocking pattern or password, then things might be difficult. You can protect your phone but you cannot make out if someone has touched your phone.

Here are the few ways in which you can easily know if someone has touched your phone in your absence:

How to Know if Someone Touched Your Phone

1. Use a Witty Wallpaper

Various types of animated SWF wallpapers can be downloaded from the play store. Apply one such wallpaper on your phone. Now once you decide you are going to leave your phone, note down the time. When you come back to your phone and tap on the screen for the first time, you will see, at first, the time when you last touched the phone will be displayed for 2-3 seconds followed by the current time. However, if someone else has touched the phone in between things will change. This is simple yet witty.

2. Check the Last Used Apps

If the person had opened some apps that were previously not opened in your phone when you last left it, you can easily make out if someone touched your phone. However, you will not be able to apply this trick if the person has cleared the last used app. But there is also a remedy for this. Whenever you leave your phone, make sure that you hide the recent button so that the trespasser cannot hide the recently used applications.

Even if you forget to hide the recent button, you can get a trace of the last used application from the digital wellbeing option. Digital Wellbeing is a special feature found in android phones and shows the total time each app has been used in your phone. Whenever you leave your phone in any vulnerable place, check the hours displayed beside each app. Once you come back and see the number of hours. If it has changed, be sure that someone has touched your phone.

3. Install App that Will Click the Trespasser’s Picture

There is of course a more advanced and technical way of doing things these days. The most recent way is by enabling a security feature in your phone that will take a snap of anyone and everyone who ever attempts to unlock your phone. The first layer of security of course has to be enabling an appropriate screen lock system.

It could be a password, a pattern lock, or a fingerprint. With the help of the snap taken by the phone, you can easily find out if someone else touched your phone.  Who Touched My Phone is a famous application available in Google Play Store. It has a 5-star rating and the download number also reflects that it is a trustworthy app. It runs your front camera in the background every time someone tries to snoop on your device

Final Words:

You can also manipulate the screensaver timings to know if anyone has touched your phone. Touching someone’s phone in their absence is not justified and you must find out the trespassers. You can use third-party applications and other software to find out who exactly touched your phones. These software or applications have specially designed interfaces to correctly figure out whether someone touched your phone in your absence. However, you must be well aware of the permissions you are granting to any such software or application to prevent privacy breaches.

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