How to Find IP Address of Email Sender in Gmail (Updated 2023)

Find IP Address from Email Gmail: The best thing about Yahoo Mail and Hotmail is that these apps include the IP addresses of the email senders in the header. So it becomes easier for the recipient to get an idea of the location of the person sending the email. They can use this IP address to perform a simple Geo lookup, thus getting accurate information about the sender’s email.

find ip address of email sender in gmail

There are times when we are not sure about the identity of the sender. They might tell us that they are a real brand offering the claimed services, but these statements don’t always hold true.

What if the person isn’t what they are claiming to be? What if they are spamming your email with fake messages? Or, at worst, what if they intend to harass you?

Well, one way to know whether or not the person is lying or not is by checking their location. By knowing where they are sending these emails from, you can get a better idea of where these people are based or from where they are sending you emails.

Unlike Hotmail and Yahoo, Gmail does not provide the sender’s IP address. It hides this information to maintain anonymity.

But, as mentioned earlier, there are times when it becomes necessary to find the IP address of the user to collect more information about them and ensure that they are safe to work with.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to find IP address of email sender in Gmail for free.

Can You Find IP Address of Email Sender in Gmail?

You must have heard of people tracking the Gmail account of users through their IP addresses. While it is relatively easier to track the Gmail of a user with their IP address, finding the IP address itself seems pretty challenging.

You may be able to locate the IP addresses on other apps, but Gmail values its users’ privacy and never discloses any private information about its users to third parties. As IP address is considered sensitive information and is therefore not included in Gmail’s header.

Now, some people confuse the IP address of Google mail with the person’s IP address. If you click on the three dots from the email you’ve received and then “show original”, you will see an option that shows you the IP address. That IP address, however, is of the email and not the target.

Below we have listed a few ways you can track the IP address of the text sender on Gmail without any hassle.

How to Find IP Address of Email Sender in Gmail

1. Fetch the Sender’s IP Address

Log into your Gmail account and open the email you’d like to track. As you open the inbox, you will see a downward arrow in the right-hand corner. It is also called the More button. As you click on this arrow, you will see a menu. Find the “show original” option. This option will display the original message sent by the user and that’s where you can find more details about their email address and the location where they have sent the email from. The original message contains the message ID, date and time of email creation, and subject.

The IP address, however, is not mentioned in the original message. You need to locate it manually. The IP addresses are mostly encrypted and they can be found by pressing Ctrl + F to enable the find function. Enter “Received: From” in the search bar and hit enter. There you go!

In the Received: From line, you will find the IP address of the user. In some cases, there are many Received: From lines that might have been inserted to confuse the recipient so that they are unable to locate the actual IP address of the sender. It might also be due to the fact that the email has passed through many email servers. In such cases, you need to track the IP address at the bottom of the email. That’s the original IP address of the sender.

2. Reverse Email Lookup Tools

If you have been receiving emails from an unknown sender, you could perform the email reverse lookup service to get an idea of the target’s location. The email lookup service tells you about the person, including their full name, a photo, phone numbers, and not to mention, their location.

Social Catfish and CocoFinder are two of the most popular email lookup service tool. Almost every email lookup tool works in the same way. You have to visit their website, type the email address of the target in the search bar, and hit the search button to perform a lookup. The tool returns with the details of the target. However, this step may or may not work for everyone.

Here’s the next method you can try if the above does not work.

3. Social Media Location Track

While social media has become a popular tool these days, putting your personal information on social media can expose your identity to those looking for email senders. It is an organic way to search for the location of a user on social sites. Most people have an account on social media with the same name as their email. If they have used the same name on their social media as the email, you can find them easily.

If you manage to locate their social accounts, you can find more about them from the information they have published on social sites. For example, if they have a public account, you could check out their photos and check the location to know where they are from. While this is a wonderful way to find someone’s location, it hardly works these days. Scammers are too smart to use their original emails and even if they do, there is a good chance you will find plenty of profiles with the same email address.

4. Try Third-Party Apps

There are quite a few IP address finders available on the internet. All you have to do is enter the email address of the user and you will get complete details of the user along with their IP address and location. However, these apps are mostly not a reliable way to track someone’s IP address. If you want to locate their actual address, you should either ask them directly or try the above methods.

What if No Method Works?

These methods may not work for some users, as scammers are super cautious when sending anonymous texts to people. If it’s from an experienced and professional scammer, there is a very good chance the above methods will not work, as they are likely to use fake email addresses so that their identity is not disclosed.

So, the best thing you can do is ignore their messages or add them to your block list so that they will no longer be able to harass you. You could directly ask the person their location through email. If they refuse to tell or if you doubt they are lying, you could simply block their account and you will never hear from them again.

What to Do After You’ve Found IP Address?

So, you have found the IP address of the email sender on Gmail. Now what? For starters, you can block the person or have their mails transferred to the junk or spam folder where you no longer get a notification for the emails they send.

Does the method for finding the sender’s location using the above method work?

Yes, the above methods totally work, but there is no guarantee of accuracy. These methods are pretty useful in situations when you need to find the IP address of a person who is sending you suspicious emails.

Bottom Line:

These were the few ways you can track the IP address of the email sender in Gmail. You could try a few IP address tracker tools to get the sender’s IP address through their email IDs, but these apps and tools are not always genuine. It is best to try organic ways to find the target’s IP address or do research on social media. These methods are not only safe, but they work for most people.

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