How to Get Grammarly Premium for Free 2021

Grammarly Premium for Free: Grammarly, founded by Max Lytvyn, Alex Shevchenko and DmytroLider In 2009 with a mission to help people improve their command over the English language and communicate in a much better way by correcting the spelling and grammar of complex contents and sentences.

grammarly premium for free

If you are someone who is not very confident or comfortable in writing English content or if you a blogger, content writer, or author, then Grammarly will prove to be your best guide for your grammar and spelling mistakes.

It is an extension that one can add to the browser or use as a web-based editor or a Microsoft Office add-in.

Grammarly also advises you for:

  • Correct the punctuation or prepositions or words or verbs wrongly selected
  • Get an explanation of using or not using certain adjectives or words in a sentence
  • Get a clear and short explanation for each mistake
  • Make your writings and content mistake-less, polished, and with great proofreading

Grammarly Premium Features

  • Readability check
  • Vocabulary Enhancement and Excellency
  • Genre-Specific writing style
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Access to the document from different platforms or devices

With Grammarly’s free account, you can cope with your regular or daily writing needs, but with the Premium account, you do more better things and can use it at your workplace for schools. Grammarly offers Grammarly Business for those who need guidance at the workplace and for student and educational institutes it has Grammarly @edu.

Grammarly Premium has paid subscription plans for a different period like; Monthly Plan of $29.95, a Quarterly plan of USD 59.95 that costs you $19.98 monthly, and the bumper offer of the annual plan for USD 139.95 that charges you just $11.66 per month.

Many people around the world can not afford any of the above-mentioned costs although they are very cheap. No need to worry as few tricks can work for you to get Grammarly’s premium account for free. Yes. It’s possible.

How to Get Grammarly Premium for Free

Grammarly Free Trial

For Grammarly Premium Account by simply visiting the Grammarly website to sign up there using your existing email address if you already have an account on it. Go for “Get Grammarly Premium ” and select your preferred plan. Then you will have to update your payment method and follow the instructions and get access to the premium account.

Don’t panic that you need to pay, no it can be refunded at the time of the trial period ending. This time you need to reach out to their support team and ask for a refund.

Become an affiliate of Grammarly

To get a free premium account all you need to do is applying for an affiliate account. Becoming an affiliate it instantly rewards you with a bonus of $25. And then you need to add its banner on your site with the affiliate link.

When a user of your site clicks on this banner and registers for a free Grammarly account you get $0.20 and for a Premium account, you get $20 as a reward. You can become an affiliate of its using this link: Follow the instructions for getting your account and email verified by the Grammarly Team.

Free Grammarly Premium using Codes

There few sites that provide legal and authentic codes shared by Grammarly for testing and better exposure only for educational purposes. For that, you need to sign up on Grammarly from such sites and can get a free premium account with such codes but the validity of such an account is uncertain, they can run for a lifetime or a very short period.

Join Raffles

This is another way to get a free premium account of Grammarly. Many websites sponsor free Grammarly accounts for their promotions. All you need to do is finding a genuine and well-known or trustworthy site that is offering the Grammarly premium account in return for some small tasks done like; filling up a survey form, clicking on some links or sharing, liking, or commenting on some articles or blogs or tagging.

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