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As every school and college move towards online study, it’s tough for students to find answers and complete their homework in this quarantine period. Currently, almost every student is going through this challenging phase, and it’s probably the most important time in their life to build a career.

free chegg answers

In addition, being a student is harder than being a part-time employee. Keeping up with the deadlines while maintaining the quality of the work is not a cakewalk.

But in this difficult time, Chegg comes as expert assistance for students, and it has been developed to meet almost every requirement of students worldwide.

Based in California, Chegg is an American educational online tutor website that helps students with their studies beyond the classroom with great tools, resources, and advanced technology. It provides physical and digital textbook rental services, online tutoring, homework help, scholarships, and internships.

You can find solutions for any subject quickly from a physics problem to a chemistry equation. You only need to copy and paste questions on the Chegg, and you will find the answer from remote teachers.

Chegg is often the first place students turn to when they need to get their homework done or an exam question solved.

Not only that, the platform offers your course books for rent at a very low price. So, for those who can’t afford to buy those expensive books for each subject, Chegg is where you can find them on rent and get them for a fraction of the cost.

The best part is Chegg has internship programs and courses that might help advance students’ careers and help them progress in life from a very young age.

So this is how Chegg makes the student’s work simple and straightforward.

However, there is a problem for students if they don’t have money as Chegg services are not available for free.

It will charge $19.95 per month and let you ask questions to experts 24/7, search millions of homework answers, and step-by-step textbook solutions for 9,000 books.

But don’t worry anymore,

In this post, you’ll learn how to get Chegg answers for free.

How to Get Chegg Answers for Free

1. Chegg Study – Try It for FREE

If you want an answer to any question on Chegg, I highly recommend you sign up for a Chegg Study subscription, it cost you only $19.95, but you can Cancel Anytime For FREE if you don’t like it.

So you don’t need to worry about the money as you can cancel your subscription for free, and you do not need to pay $19.95 – You will get the amount back.

Here’s how you can subscribe for Chegg Study – Cancel Anytime for FREE:

  • Open the Chegg Free Trial page from your Smartphone or Computer.
  • You will be redirected to the Learn With Chegg page, here tap on the orange colored Get Started button.
free chegg answers
  • It will ask you to create a new account by entering your email and choose a password.
free chegg answers
  • Next, select the plan according to your requirements. There are two plans available, just select $19.95 (Don’t worry you can cancel at any time for FREE).
free chegg answers
  • After that you need to complete the payment via Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal.
free chegg answers
  • That’s it, once you complete the payment you can search for the unlimited Chegg answers.
  • Now before the 30 days complete, you can Cancel it for FREE and you do not need to pay $19.95.

2. Free Chegg Answers by iStaunch

  • Open the Free Chegg Answers by iStaunch form.
  • Find the Chegg question you want to get an free answer for.
  • Enter the question link and email address.
  • After that, tap on the submit button to send the question.
  • That’s it, you will receive an answer within 30 minutes.
Free Chegg Answers

Updated Tool: Free Chegg Answers by DetailAnswer [Get Answer in 5 Minutes]

How do Free Chegg Answers by iStaunch Works?

We have purchased a Chegg Study premium subscription to provide you answers. Now you don’t have to pay for premium plans to complete your homework. Just submit your question, our team will check it and provide you answers to your email address.

free chegg answers

3. Chegg Free Trial Account

Chegg provides a four-week free trial period to its users where you can get answers for free, check out the benefits it provides, and it also gives you time to decide if you want to buy the subscription or not.

During the free trial period, you can take maximum advantage of solving your queries by finding out the answers at no cost. Later you may decide if you want to take the subscription or not, depending upon if that’s affordable to you or not.

You can also refer to a tutor to get a solution to all your questions, but you can’t get free books for free as they are available for rent or buy. Remember that to buy or rent these books, you need to pay their mentioned amount even in the trial period.

Here’s how you can access Chegg Free Trial:

  • Open the Chegg Free Trial page from the browser.
  • Sign up with your Email address and password.
  • Select “I am Student” and enter your school or college name.
  • Tap on your profile icon at top and select My Account.
  • Inside payment info section, tap on add payment method.
  • Enter your debit or credit card, you will get 4 weeks free trail premium Chegg account.
free chegg answers

4. Join Free Chegg Answers Groups on Reddit

Free Chegg Answer Groups on Reddit is also a great way to get Chegg answers for free. All you have to do is publish your question in the group and wait for someone to respond with the answer. Sometimes responses can take more than 24 hours, but you surely get the answer.

Here’s how you can:

  • Open Reddit on your device.
  • Tap on the Signup button at top right corner of the screen.
free chegg answers
  • Enter your email address or signup using Google and Apple account.
free chegg answers
  • Choose username and create a new password.
free chegg answers
  • After that tap on Signup and your account will be created.
  • Next, type Chegg Answers in the search bar.
  • Select the “Chegg Answers” group which has more than 20,000 members.
free chegg answers
  • Join the group and post the question you want help with.
free chegg answers
  • Someone from the group will provide you the answer.

5. Best Chegg Alternatives

You can also surf some other websites listed below that will help you to get answers for free. You can search for your queries on these sites, and you will get help easily without paying any amount.


free chegg answers

Quizplus helps its users with course-specific resources and study sets, tailored search results, and homework help. So, this can be a good choice when you want to get unstuck and want to move on.

The assistance provided by Quizplus has a variety of opportunities for students depending on the type of assistance you want. You may subscribe to the service and get instant help with your studies, or you may get free access to Quizplus services in many ways.

Quizplus provides a total of five free answers in 30+ different topics to every user after signing up. You can search for the questions you need by using the search bar, and once you find the quiz you want to unlock, the first 3 answers are free, and when you sign up you will get 2 more free answers. This will help you get free answers, which in turn will let you know whether the quiz is beneficial to you and give you the chance to decide if you want to unlock the quiz or not.

You can also check their upload-material feature, which is a service credit feature that allows users to upload any valuable academic content to the Quizplus platform and get free credits in return which will help you unlock quizzes for free and get answers to all of your desired questions.

One more thing I found interesting in Quizplus is that they provide an affiliation program with payments in cash instead of service credits which is pretty amazing as students can make money out of it just by inviting their friends to study. And if you want to achieve your study goals, you can use the money to purchase new quizzes and get their customized support and tools.

If you’d want Quizplus to help you with your schoolwork at a reduced price, you can use one of their coupons:

  • IStaunch10: This coupon entitles you to a 10% discount on the monthly plans.
  • IStaunch15: Use this coupon code to receive a 15% discount on the quarterly plans.
  • IStaunch20: Use this code to receive a 20% discount on the Yearly plans.

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free chegg answers

You may use the Slader website to get free Chegg answers. Just open the website on your device, and on the search bar type your question for which you are seeking the answer.

This question you can either copy from the textbook or it may be your own, you will get an answer to it when you paste it on the search bar on Slader. Here you will also get a few corresponding answers to your questions entered.


free chegg answers

There is another website named StudyLib. To use Studylib, you first have to open the website on a new browser.

Once the webpage is opened, you will see a search bar on the main homepage. You can type your desired question on the search bar, and you will get the best possible answers related to the question you searched for. The website is less time-consuming and also reliable to solve your queries.

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