How to Get Notification When Someone is On Call

Get Notification When Someone is On Call: Have you been using an Android device and Windows 10 on your computer? You do get phone alerts in case you miss or receive calls, right? There are times when the other person is just busy or on another call. But you are in search of a way where you can get notified when somebody is on another call. Here we have answers to all the queries!

get notification when someone is on call

This will provide you with a simple guide that you can try for making sure that you are getting notifications when someone is on another call with ease. You might be thinking is it even possible?

Well, the answer is yes! You can set the notification of availability for another person that might be on another call, offline, away, or has their phone on the ‘Do not Disturb’ mode.

So as soon as the will have time or get free from another call, you will be getting notifications whenever that person has come online and they are available to speak with you.

This simple alert can help you in a way, where you are not constantly calling someone to a person when they are busy, and your behavior doesn’t get irritating. We shall discuss all of the steps right here in detail, so keep on reading!

How to Get Notification When Someone is On Call

You just need to follow the steps given below, and your work will be completed in a few minutes. The way this works is that you will see the notification being displayed on the desktop screen and providing you information that the person will be available now and has you shall also get the signal through alert audio.

Without waiting any further, let’s start with the guide! For this, you will need to download the Circuit app. Then go ahead with the following steps:

Step 1: Click on the avatar or name of that person that you need to get notified for when they are available after a call. You will see all of the profile details being displayed.

Step 2: Now for that specific contact, you need to set the notification for the availability. To do that, you need to go to the web client and the desktop app. And then tap on the icon in the shape of a bell. This can be seen on the left side of that person’s profile in the conversation headers. Then click on ‘Set Notification’.

Step 3: Then navigate towards conversation details and then you need to switch their status notification towards ON. Now you have set the availability and you will get an alert whenever that person will be available for you to be online.

Step 4: Now in case you need to un-set that notification you can also do that easily. Just follow the first two steps and then when you reach the conversation details, you have to shift back the slider on Status notification to OFF.

Once you do this you won’t receive any further notifications!

Final Thoughts:

If we speak from a general point of view, there isn’t a clear way to get an alert when someone else is on call. This is difficult to find out until those people, themselves, are telling you if they are speaking to someone else and shall call you in some time. For the most part, the ring goes normal and can be shifted to a voicemail as well. Most of the time that is how things work and the above method can also do the trick and you can give that a try as well!

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