How to Get Notification When Someone is On Call

In this digital era, the value of mobile phones in our lives is phenomenal. There’s hardly any minute when we go without checking the notifications on our phones, popping up from the different apps that we use. Students pursuing online courses would eagerly wait for academic emails or important WhatsApp messages, and professionals would have difficulty ignoring notifications from LinkedIn.

get notification when someone is on call

In contrast, influencers would not go a second without checking Instagram updates. Regardless of the person and usage, mobile notifications have a significant part to play.

Many people often find it challenging to receive notifications when they’re on a call. This way, they might miss out on essential updates, and that’s the least they could want.

Have you ever faced this and don’t know how to get notification when someone is on a call?

In this blog, we will tell you whether or not it is possible to get notified when someone is on call.

Is it Possible to Get Notification When Someone is On Call?

Unfortunately, you can’t get notification when someone is on call. You can get notifications from the apps you use even when you are on a call. All you need to do is follow some straightforward steps through which the process will be done. In the following section, we will tell you the detailed steps that will be helpful in this segment.

How to Get Notification from Apps During Call

Enabling notifications on your mobile phone is straightforward if you follow some basic steps minutely. While carrying out the method, you need to keep a few things in mind to help the technique work fine. Here are the steps to enable notifications even when you’re on a call. 

Step 1: On your phone, click on the Settings app icon to open it. After the app displays, you will see a list of options lined up there. 

Step 2: Scroll down and stop when you find the option Notifications. 

Step 3: Tap on the button, and you’ll find another list option appearing on your mobile screen.

Step 4: In the below section of that particular segment, you’ll find all the apps lined up that are installed on your phone. Beside them will be the Notification on/off the badge. 

Step 5: Tick on the badge to keep the notifications on and enable them anytime. 

That’s it! This way, you can enable notifications for all the apps you want and even turn off those you don’t require.

Is There Any Other Way to Enable Notifications on Your Phone?

No, the steps we’ve mentioned above are enough to enable all notifications on your device. You’ll find the Notification option in the Settings section for all the apps. However, that works for the internal notification system of the respective apps only and doesn’t have anything to do during an ongoing phone call.

Can you take any other measures to enable app notifications while on a call?

The steps mentioned above are all that you need to follow to turn on the notifications even when you’re on a call. However, you’ll need to keep your mobile data on or be connected to WiFi for internet-based apps even if you are talking on the phone.

For example, apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, Gmail, Snapchat, or LinkedIn will need you to be connected to the internet to receive updates while on the call. However, if you are not connected to the internet, Notification will show up despite turning on the Enable Notification option.

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