How to Check if Phone Number is Busy Without Calling

Have you ever wanted to call someone to check if they are busy on another call? Have you ever stopped calling someone because their number is always busy? Well, you can connect with them through WhatsApp texts or emails. But, these are not the best options for those who want to connect with their loved ones.

check if a phone number is busy without calling

Suppose you had a girlfriend or a boyfriend with whom you broke up a few months ago. It did not seem that important at first, but now you are badly missing them and you want to know if they are talking to someone else or not.

The easiest way to know if they have found someone is by checking their call records. But, that’s not an option considering how complex it can get. Plus, it is illegal to check someone’s call record.

So, how do you know if they are with someone?

Well, you can give them a call to see if they are talking to someone else. If they are busy on another line, you will get a message saying “sorry, the number you have called is busy on another call, call back later”.

However, they will know you have dialed their numbers if you use this trick. And, you probably don’t want them to know you are calling.

So, this brings us to an important question “how do you know if someone is busy on the phone without giving them a call”?

Let’s see if it is possible to check whether the phone number is busy without calling.

How to Check If Phone Number is Busy Without Calling

There is no way to check if phone number is busy without calling. You must have to call the person to know if they are talking to someone else. Many people say that calling on Whatsapp might help you, but it shows either ringing or calling. If the person is busy on another call on Whatsapp, you will get a notification saying that the number is busy.

However, if it is the main number, you will have to dial it to know if they are on another call or not.

But, what if we say it’s possible to know whether a number is busy or not without calling them?

Well, there is one way to do that.

Using Truecaller

This app does not need an introduction. There are more than 200 million users available on Truecaller. A large number of people have downloaded the app from PlayStore and Appstore and they have an active account on Truecaller. It is the best way to discover the real identity of the person calling you. Truecaller also notifies you if somebody calls you and the phone does not ring. But, little do people know that Truecaller is also an app that reveals whether the target person is busy on another call or not.

Truecaller has launched this feature recently. It enables people to know the real identity of the target along with their calling status, i.e. whether they are available or busy on another call.

However, it is important to note that this feature works only if the app is available on both devices. You must download Truecaller and set up your profile on the app and the target who you are searching for must also have a Truecaller ID.

Here’s how you can:

If your app is not updated, download the latest version of Truecaller. You may have to register an account on Truecaller if you don’t have this app installed. The app asks you to verify your mobile number either via phone call or an SMS. An OTP will be sent to your mobile for number verification. The app gives a miss call on your number if you choose the verification by calling.

Now you have downloaded Truecaller, so how can you check whether or not your target is available or busy on another line?

Step 1: Open Truecaller after registration and you will see your call list.

Step 2: Open the target’s message box. If they are busy on another line, you will see a red dot displayed right below their username.

Step 3: Right next to the red dot, there is an “on a call” message displayed. It shows that the person is currently speaking to someone else.

Step 4: If the person is not on another call, there will be a green light displayed below their name with an “available” message.

There you go! This is one of the easiest ways to know whether the person you want to speak to is busy on another call or not. The best part is you don’t have to call them. Whether you are spying on your lover or keeping an eye on your kid, using Truecaller to check the calling and availability status of the target is your easiest and safest bet.

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