How to Check if a Phone Number is Busy Without Calling

With the advancement in technology, every aspect or item surrounding us has gone through a tremendous change. It has improved the lifestyle and the applications developed every day have become much more sophisticated. Let’s take an example – Say for the smartphone that you use every day, it has modified itself from just being a calling and receiving device.

check if a phone number is busy without calling

Smartphones have evolved to make things convenient for people.  On your smartphone, you can surf the web, communicate through different means, install productive applications to help you ease your daily work, locate places, use it for entertainment purposes and more. 

Being a generation that is more into selfies and groupies, a smartphone with a well-built camera is a deadly combination. There are more features that we can add, like checking email, listening to music, reading news, texting, managing the calendar, etc.

Smartphones are available in two OS variants — Android and iOS, each having unique accessibility of applications. But, through both these, you can stay connected with people — either use applications or the usual calling feature. You can even text or DM through any social media to convey your messages. 

But, there is always a con that comes hidden with the benefits. You might get more than 20 different calls in a single day — as with the upliftment of the digital industry, every company, client and even advertiser are using phone numbers as a means to convey their product and service information. So, at the end of that day, you might find that out of those 20 calls, only 4-5 were important. Is there any way to see who is calling you? Wouldn’t it make things easier to monitor?

What if we told you that you can see the name and place from where the call is being made? Yes, today we are going to reveal the details. Further, keep reading to know whether you can see if the phone number is busy without disturbing the person or calling the number. Without any further ado, let’s proceed.

How to Find Who the Phone Number Belongs to?

The traditional process of receiving and calling is that — You save a number on your Phonebook, and whenever they call you, you won’t have any hassle to recognize the importance of the call. But, the real problem begins when the numbers are not saved.

Thus, many application developers have taken a keen interest to build tools that can work as an aid and help you to search for a number, even if it is not saved on your phone. Lately, have you been receiving a call from an unknown number, then these online tools will definitely come in handy. The process is called the reverse telephone number that goes through a plethora of sites such as Google, Bing, and even social media sites to help you get the name of the calling person.

There are plenty of third-party tools that are available online, all you need to do is go through their success rate, check whether they are authentic or reputable, and join them. You can either opt for a free tool or spend money and use a paid service. But, it is still a dilemma, whether you can check the current status of the phone number, through this paid version.

How does Reverse Phone Lookup works?

If the numbers are already listed in your Phonebook, then you can use the reverse phone number service. There are certain websites that help you to get this service such as —,, and more. All you need to do is enter the area code and the telephone number. Now, hit the Enter button to check the list of the search results. You will get to know who the number belongs to, only if the online Phonebook has the number listed. 

The site will provide you with the details such as — name and address or area location. And, the benefit is that these sites are completely free. And, you can use them as many times as you want to look for a number, be it a landline or cell phone number. However, there is only one disadvantage, if the number is not listed in their online Phonebook, then your search results will fail. Further, you cannot even see if the phone number is busy at the moment or not.

Have you thought of using search engines to look for a number?

Based on the recent statistics, on average, an individual receives 5-6 calls from business or telemarketing service agencies every day. So, why not seek help from the famous search engines — Google or Bing. Usually, the service providers list their phone numbers on their social media profiles or on their websites. 

Thus, simply place the number on any search engine’s search bar, and hit the Enter key. Now, wait till the results are displayed. Further, there is no reason to think that any number starting with 800 is spam. Go to a few specific sites, like or to find out the exact destination of the number. This only helps you to know about the caller but not about the present status of the phone number.

Do you want to know how the paid phone number search works?

Often, free websites or tools are not sufficient enough to provide accurate results like the paid ones. So, you can refer to sites like Instant Checkmate. Here you do need to spend a few bucks, and these would definitely work in your best interest. But, if you receive any harassment calls, then it is high time to take action rather than just searching on the web. Further, file a complaint with the service providers or seek help from the local authorities.

How to Check If a Phone Number is Busy Without Calling

Often there are circumstances that the phone is busy and the individual also does not have a voice mail. So, what is the way out? Do you want to remain anonymous and still get to know who called you? You can definitely do that, and we will show you how.

A smartphone application was released in 2009, developed by True Software Scandinavia AB — Truecaller. It is marked as the world’s best spam blocker and more than 200 million people use it on a daily basis. Available for both Android and iOS, you get access to exclusive features such as caller identification, spam call blocking, flash messaging, recording calls, voice chat over the internet and many more. 

It is freeware but with the paid version you get many more exclusive advantages. Recently, the Truecaller application updated a new feature for its users where you can view whether the person you are trying to reach is busy or not. 

Let’s see how you can check the mobile number without disturbing them when they are on a call:

At first, you need to download the application on your smartphone. Android users can get it from the PlayStore, whereas iOS users can get it from AppStore. 

Note: Here at this point, we would also like to notify you that a certain brand of phone, such as Nokia, does not allow you to download the application. This is due to incompatibility in terms and conditions between the brand authority and the application developer.

After that you need to enter your mobile number and verify it; Either choose SMS or Call to Verify.

After you choose the option SMS, you will receive an OTP on your mobile number. Simply, enter it in their requisite place and wait.

However, if you have chosen the “Call to Verify”, then you will receive a miss call on your number. This is an automated process and you do not need to enter any OTP.

You need to wait till the login process is successfully done. Now, go to the Truecaller account and grant permission to access the contact list, audio and storage. 

You will get to see a recent call list on the Truecaller application, go through them and tap on the number that you want to check.

You will see a red phone icon right next to the contact number or name, which indicates that the phone number is busy.

If the number is saved, then a contact name will appear. But, if not, then you can tap on the phone number and search for the details. This application helps you to detect the name and place. Further, you will also get to see the “On a Call” label, right beside the profile image of the number/contact.

If you want to contact the person, then without disturbing them, wait patiently. Note, whether a green light appears right at the corner of the contact name or number, then that person is available to receive a call.

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