How to Find Someone Free of Charge in 2022

How to find people online free of charge is one of the most popular topics on the internet, with literally millions of searches per day. People all over the world are looking for birth records, background information on a potential associate, who owns a phone number, more records to fill out their family tree, and so on.

find someone free of charge

Using one of the best free people finders can help you find information to keep you informed or re-establish contact with someone you’ve lost contact with.

One can look up phone numbers, addresses, names, personal records, public records, and so on. In fact, there is a wealth of information about people available on the internet.

According to research, despite the growing risks, people are becoming more comfortable with sharing their personal information (e.g., names, contact phone numbers, addresses, and email) online.

This means that as a do-it-yourself investigator, you have a better chance of conducting a free search with results and obtaining as much information about the person as possible.

While there are numerous people finders available online today, they are not all created equal. Check out some of the most popular and highly rated people search websites to see what you can expect.

The information is listed below, and if you follow the mentioned information, you can find someone free of charge.

How to Find Someone Free of Charge

Using a people search engine to find people for free is the most recommended starting point in any investigation. There are a plethora of them available online, but we’ve sifted through them all and only provide completely free people search sites that you can use right away.

These include, but are not limited to, free people search on Yahoo, free white pages, USA people searches, true people searches, Zabasearch, 411 and many more.

1. Whitepages is a large digital identity database with over 50 million unique visitors per month. Its basic services are completely free. Use the person’s full name, city, state, or zip code to get the best results.

find someone free of charge

The database, on the other hand, allows you to search even if you have limited information. You have the option of searching by name, last name only, or name and state.

Names, including middle initials, landline phone numbers, full street addresses, and, in many cases, primary family members are among the free information you’ll receive.

To use the basic free people finder on, you do not need to sign up for an account or provide your email address. The company is an A-rated member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It has been recommended by a number of websites and bloggers, including The Windows Club, a digital and tech review, which says is useful for finding basic information about a person. does provide comprehensive information for a fee of about $5, with a limit of 20 lookups per month.

2. TruePeopleSearch provides the general public with completely free information people searches. You can do a name search, a reverse phone search, or a reverse address search for someone. If you use the name option, you can also narrow your results by entering the city, state, or zip code if you know them. The search interface is simple and clean at first glance, but there are on-page ads once you click to get your search results. Name, landline phone number, age, and associated names such as a maiden name may be included in free results.

Furthermore, this people finder stands out because it includes complete lists of previous addresses, as well as lengthy lists of possible relatives and even possible associates. While the website does not offer memberships or additional paid results, sponsored results for background checks can be found on the results page. According to an article on Makes Use Of, this website has been recommended by some bloggers and reviewers and was listed as one of the best 12 websites to find people online (MUO). The website provided in-depth results, according to MUO, though the best results included both name and location.

3. Reverse People Search

So, once you’ve found the right people finders, try Reverse people search on them. This essentially means using one piece of information you have to obtain another piece of information about someone, such as finding a person by name. This is essentially how you can find someone by name and birthday, find someone by phone number (e.g. 855 527 9387), email address, social security number, search street address, phone number and more. Simply enter that detail, such as a name, into a search tool, and a report with more information about the person you’re looking up will be generated.

4. Google People Search

We all know that Google is the best search engine in the world for accessing information at your fingertips; however, Google people search is also one of the best tools for tracking, locating, and obtaining someone’s profile details without paying anything.

There are a few tricks, such as enclosing the person’s name in quotes, using the advanced search tool, and even using the images search to find people by using their picture. The big G’s one weakness in comparison to dedicated finders is that it does not search the invisible or deep web, which means it only finds information on free and public websites.

5. Genealogy Documents

Free genealogy websites provide the information you need to complete a completely free family tree search or discover relatives and your history with a completely free family history search with no credit card required and certainly no fee at all.

6. Search on Social Media

To be honest, social media hosts billions of people’s details and has the best people database on the internet. We are working on this section, but in the meantime, you can read our guides on social media search and Facebook search people.

7. International People Lookup

If the person you’re looking for lives outside of the United States or you suspect they’re abroad, you can use finders to help you find them. An international people search can assist you in locating someone on the other side of the world. This website provides information on how to find people in Greece, how to find someone in Canada for free, how to find people in the United Kingdom, how to find people in Germany, how to find people in Japan, how to find people in Hungary, and much more. You can even learn how to locate a long-lost friend in Jamaica.

8. Digital Legacies

This method is one of our most secret weapons to date, and you can take it and use it for free. The idea is to leave footprints all over the internet in the hopes that the person you’re looking for will come across them, hopefully soon, and then contact you. The easiest way to find people online is to make yourself findable. Make yourself available on internet writing blogs, posting pictures and writing something about yourself on popular social media sites. This is an easy and very convenient way to reach people for free.

The amount of information you can find online is determined by how much time you devote to your free people search. As you may have realised by now, finding people online is incredibly simple, but to be a master at it, you must constantly update your searching skills as things change and new tools and methods emerge. You can also follow this site on social media (Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter) to stay up to date on more free dating tips and tricks.

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