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Reverse Email Lookup: When receiving an email from an unknown user, you must have been curious to know who the person is. Due to the vague email address, it seems nearly impossible to track down the identity. At the same time, it doesn’t always feel right to ask the person about their identity when you have only received a mail from them. So it’s essential to go through someone’s background information before hiring or paying.

reverse email lookup

Now the question is, how can you figure out the identity of the email owner without asking them?

You can use the reverse email lookup tool to find out people’s identities with the help of their email addresses.

This tool gives you vital and factual information such as real name, phone number, location and other details of any email address owner.

We have also created a Reverse Email Lookup by iStaunch that will help you find out the email owner’s real identity for free.

In fact,

Here you can also find the complete guide on how to do reverse email lookup in 2021.

Sound’s good? Let’s get started.

What is Reverse Email Lookup?

A reverse email lookup also known as a reverse email search is a process to find the personal information of people based on their email addresses. You only need to enter the email address of that person and it will search a variety of databases, search engines, and online sources to find information and show you matching results.

Not only identity, but it helps you discover all possible information about the user that he/she has made public such as phone numbers and social media accounts.

How to Do a Reverse Email Lookup?

1. Reverse Email Lookup by iStaunch

The Reverse Email Lookup by iStaunch is a web-based tool that helps you find the person behind a specific email address. All you have to do is type the email address in the box and tap on the search email button to perform reverse email search online for free.

Basically, it allows the user to search for proper information about the particular email (given that the sender has published this information on the internet and made it public).

Reverse Email Lookup

2. Free Email Search via Google

Is there even anything Google cannot search for you?

Well, Google is the leading search engine that contains a wealth of information. When it comes to finding the sender behind the anonymous email message, the first thing you should do is search for their identity on Google.

As soon as you type their email address and hit the search button, Google will return with all the possible info of that account.

reverse email lookup

Nowadays, most people use Google Mail accounts for professional and personal emails. If this user has a Gmail account, then Google will fetch all info related to the account.

For example, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and any other social networking account linked to this email address.

Though it is the easiest and fastest way to find any Gmail user’s information, it might not work for all. If the user has not revealed any personal identity on the internet and has no social media accounts linked to their email address, Google might not help you.

You could try some other search engines, such as Bing and Yahoo. If that doesn’t work, move on to the next step.

3. Search Email on Facebook

Most people are likely to share their personal and professional information on Facebook; after all, it is the world’s most famous social networking platform.

There is a special search box where you can type the user’s email address and look for their Facebook account.

reverse email lookup

If this user has a Facebook account linked to the same address, then their profile with the name will show up in the search results. You can click on the user’s profile and check out their identity details to know more about them.

However, there is one downside to this approach. Facebook prioritizes its user’s safety and allows them an option to disable the email search feature. If they have disabled this option, then no one can find their profile using their email address.

reverse email lookup

But, fret not! You still have many social media sites to try. What if the user has not disabled the email search option on Instagram or Twitter?

You never know until you try it yourself. Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and other social sites allow people to search for profiles using the user’s email ID.

There is a good chance one of these social media sites will get you the user’s profile. To conduct this email search on all social media sites simultaneously, you can use Lullar. It is a search engine that displays the results from all social media websites at once.

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