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Online IMEI Tracker Free: So you have lost your Android or iPhone device? We’ve all been there. That doesn’t matter how cautious you are with your smartphone. Everything happens in the blink of an eye. It was just in your pocket or handbag a minute ago – and now it’s gone. It can be very difficult to find your lost Android or iPhone device if you are alone, even if it is not silent.

imei tracker

The latest Android and iOS phones come packed with a plethora of advanced tracking apps that can help locate your phone if it goes missing or is stolen. However, the sad news is that a vast majority of smartphone users do not install these apps until they lose their phones.

But don’t worry anymore. We have built an IMEI Tracker online tool that will help you to track phone using IMEI online on Google Map for free.

Basically, IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique device identification number, typically found behind the battery and phone box. This 15 digit number is used to identify GSM, WCDMA, iDEN, and some satellite phones – CDMA devices have a MEID number.

Also, when you buy a new phone, it will be locked by that company and you can easily unlock phone by IMEI Number.

There are no two devices that will have the same IMEI number, and that’s why it makes each smartphone unique from the others. Keep in mind that the IMEI number can’t be changed, unlike the SIM card.

In general, the SIM card can be swapped and used to identify the particular subscriber with the help of the SIM Owner Details Finder, while the IMEI is used to keep track of the hardware itself.

That’s why the IMEI number comes in handy when your smartphone gets lost, misplaced, or stolen.

If you want to track IMEI number of your lost or stolen phone, then you will love this IMEI Number Tracker by iStaunch.

Sound’s good? Just check it out.

How to Find IMEI Number?

Since now you are familiar with the International Mobile Equipment Identity number, let’s go through the various way to find the IMEI number.

In case if your phone is lost then read our detailed guide on how to find the IMEI number of lost or stolen phones.

1. Dial *#06#

The most universal and easy way to find this number is to open the phone dialer app and dial the *#06#, and the number will be displayed on the screen.

As you can see in the below image.

find lost phone

2. Open the About Phone

For Android:

Another easy way is navigating to the device Settings > About Phone > Status, and here you can find it for Android devices.

find lost phone

For iOS:

If you are using the iOS device, then head to the iPhone or iPad Settings > About Phone > Status, and it should display this number.

find lost phone

3. Look at Reverse Side of Phone

Most of the mobile manufactural companies provide this number on the reverse side of the phone and beside the battery.

You can also find it in the phone packaging box, and it should be clearly labeled on the box with a barcode.

find lost phone

IMEI Tracker

IMEI Tracker by iStaunch also known as IMEI Number Tracker is an online tool that helps you to track phone using IMEI online free in real-time on Google Map.

Open the IMEI Tracker by iStaunch tool on your phone. Type 15 digits number in the given box and tap on the Track IMEI Number button. Next, just select a live location option, and you get to see your phone’s location on Google Maps for free.

IMEI Tracker

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Have An iPhone?: iPhone IMEI Tracker

This Online IMEI Tracker perfectly works for Samsung, Redmi, RealMe, Oppo, and Vivo devices.

If you want to track lost iPhone or iPad devices online for free, use our iPhone IMEI Tracker by iStaunch tool.

Video Guide: How to Track Lost Phone with IMEI Number | Free IMEI Tracking Apps | Find IMEI of Stolen Phone

How to Track Phone Using IMEI Online Free

1. Online IMEI Tracker by iStaunch

  • Open IMEI Tracker by iStaunch tool on your Android or iPhone device.
  • Type IMEI number of your lost or stolen phone in the given box.
  • Solve the captach code for verification.
  • After you complete the verification, tap on the track button.
  • That’s it, next you will see live location of your lost or stolen phone on Google Maps.

2. Report on CEIR (IMEI Tracker Online)

The Government of India recently launched a new portal called CEIR (Central Equipment Identity Register) to block and find your lost phone.

Here’s how you can:

Step 1: Go to the official website of CEIR (Central Equipment Identity Register).

Note: Make sure you have registered a complaint in the nearest police station to use this service.

Step 2: Tap on the red-colored Block Stolen/Lost Mobile option.

find lost phone

Step 3: It will ask you to enter the below pieces of information:

  • Device Information: Mobile Number, 15 digit IMEI, device brand, model, and purchase invoice.
  • Lost Information: Lost place, date, State, District, Police complaint number, police station, and upload the complaint.
  • Personal Information: Owner Name, Address, Identity proof, and Email id.
find lost phone

Step 4: Tap on the submit, and it will generate the Request ID number.

Step 5: Open the IMEI Request Status page and type your unique Request ID.

find lost phone

Step 6: That’s it, on the next screen you will see the current status of your lost phone.

Blocking the IMEI number means it will be removed from the central database. The number is no longer considered valid and the phone will not work on any network.

3. Google Find My Device (FREE IMEI Number Tracking)

As mentioned earlier, most people don’t install a phone tracking app before their mobiles get lost or misplaced. Now, the Google Find My Device can be used to track your device and you don’t need to install any app for that. The only thing you must know is that your phone should be connected to the internet and your Google account.

Log into your Google account from another phone and visit the Find My Device website. The tool will automatically start tracking your phone and it will display the current location or last tracked location of your Android phone.

imei tracker

Google has recently added a new feature that allows people to locate their Android phones easily by ringing the device. The best part is the ringtone will play on your phone for a few minutes even if the device was set on silent mode.

imei tracker

4. Track Lost Phone using mSpy (Track IMEI Number)

mSpy, as the name suggests, isn’t exactly the phone tracking tool. It’s rather designed for parents wanting to keep an eye on their kids by tracking their activities. However, you can use it to check Whatsapp texts, monitor the social media sites of the target, and most importantly, find a lost iPhone.

imei tracker

Suppose you lost your phone when you had the mSpy active on it. Using this app, you can follow the GPS signals to locate your mobile. The app updates the data every few minutes, thus giving you accurate and up-to-date information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the IMEI Tracker?

What if you’ve lost your smartphone with the mobile data and GPS location turned off? Or worse, what if there wasn’t a SIM card installed in your smartphone at all?  

IMEI Tracker can help you retrieve your device in such situations. All you need to do is go to the CEIR (Central Equipment Identity Register) website:, and enter your smartphone’s IMEI number.

The CEIR website is run by the Government of India in association with Delhi Police, the Department for Telecom and the Center for Development Telematics. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about giving your device’s IMEI number to an unreliable website; your data is in trustworthy hands.

Q2: Where can I see my phone’s IMEI number?

Your device’s IMEI number is present on the box that you received the smartphone in.

On that box, you should be looking for a sticker that contains product information like the model number and the serial number. On that sticker, search for the IMEI number, which is a 15-digit code written under the bar code.

Q3: When and how can I block my phone’s IMEI number?

If your phone has been stolen but you cannot acquire it even after knowing its location, you can choose to block the IMEI altogether. After putting in the request to block your device’s IMEI, your phone will be blocked within the following 24 hours.

After it has been blocked, your device’s network would become inaccessible all over India. This step is taken as a security measure to protect your privacy in problematic situations, such as a theft accident.

Note that this doesn’t prevent the police from finding your device. Moreover, you can also unblock the IMEI on your device as soon as it is safely back in your possession.


There are countless ways to locate a lost phone even if its battery is dead or someone has switched it off on purpose. But the first thing you must do when you realize you have lost your phone is: block its IMEI number so that the thief cannot misuse your phone in any way.

I hope guys you like this IMEI tracker tool to find your lost mobile in india. If you have any questions, then feel free to comment below.

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