How to Unlock Phone Free with IMEI Number (IMEI Unlock Free)

These days more and more people are getting their phones locked. As per reports, an incredible $48 million are spent on unlocking their handsets every year. It gives you a deal of cheap SIM across the entire network along with unlocking the phone. For 20 years, the tradition of unlocking a phone has been surrounding, although phones and their technologies are becoming so advanced with every passing year.

unlock phone by imei number

At the time of buying a new phone, it will be locked by that company’s service and the user gets into a contract with the service provider for a specific period of time.

For example, this contract could last for a year or two or longer depending on your chosen company.

Getting locked into service means you are only allowed to use the specific cellular network until the contract ends. However, many people apply to unlock their mobiles so that they can switch their network providers.

This is especially useful when you are traveling to a foreign country and you need to switch networks to keep using your mobile. This means you will no longer be restricted to one network.

Now, the main problem that people face here is that they don’t know how to unlock their mobiles.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to unlock phone free with IMEI number.

What You’ll Need to Unlock Phone Free with IMEI Number?

1. Find the IMEI number

Locate it from the phone’s battery. If the battery is changed, you can take it from the phone’s settings. You can also Dial *#06# to find the IMEI number. If you cannot find it, contact your service provider.

2. IMEI Unlock Code

You can use IMEI Unlock Code Generator by iStaunch to generate unlock code for free.

Also, AT&T is the service provider that helps you unlock the phone but remember these services are offered from the company’s plan and not from the single retail provider. This takes at least 90 days, according to the website.

Freesimunlocker is one of the best unlocking apps that works to unlock a device without any hassle permanently. It is recommended to use premium services instead of free services, as it is fast and easy for the buyers to use these services.

Unlock to Talk, GSM Liberty and Unlock All Cellular also give unlocking but for this, you have to provide them with your IMEI number after that you will receive a code within a few hours. Unlocking for different devices will come with different unlock codes.

How to Unlock Phone Free with IMEI Number

Method 1: IMEI Unlock Free by iStaunch

IMEI Unlock Free by iStaunch is an online tool that lets you unlock phone free with IMEI number. Simply enter your phone IMEI number in the given box and it will unlock your phone for free.

IMEI Unlock Free

Method 2: Simply Enter the Unlock Code

  • See that your phone requests an unlock code – a message will pop up stating, “enter unlock code” or “service network provider”
  • Select the unlock button by inserting the unlock code – the code might be 8-16 digits, depending on the mobile and brand.
  • You will see successfully unlocking off your phone- a pop-up message stating that your phone is unlocked will be shown to you on the screen. Yes, your phone is permanently unlocked.

Method 3: IMEI Unlock USSD Code

On your phone’s screen press #7465625*638*#. Enter the 8 digits after receiving the message.

#7465625*638*UNLOCKCODE# OR #0111*UNLOCKCODE#

Method 4: iPhone Unlocking

My IMEI Unlock is the most trusted in unlocking the iPhone from the boot-loader or baseband. It unlocks any Ios versions. They don’t jailbreak your phone. You just have to provide the IMEI number and do the rest.

iPhone IMEI unlocks your phone by asking you your IMEI number and allows you to pay you via payment gateways like PayPal.

Let’s Unlock iPhone, takes merely 2 days to unlock your phone permanently. Your prices for this unlocking are also within budget and affordable.

There are many tactics still to unlock your phone, just grab an affordable and quick opportunity. Surf to true websites like us to get relevant information about all the things in one place.

How to Unlock Phone Free by Contacting Carrier

Each carrier has its unique requirements when it comes to unlocking your device for other networks. So, it is better to discuss these terms with the carrier to get a better idea of unlocking your phone.

Before you get in touch with the carrier, here are a few things you must note: IMEI number of your phone, account and phone number

You can contact the carrier through live chat or other ways. Keep the details handy as the support agent will ask you to submit this information to confirm that you are the owner of the phone before proceeding with the phone unlocking services. Once you have confirmed your ownership, the carrier will give you a unique code to unlock your device.

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