How to Delete Pinterest Account Without Logging In (Complete Guide)

Pinterest is one social media platform that has progressively come to define visual search. The arrival of this aesthetically appealing platform is one of the finest things that’s ever happened to our online presence. It is used by people all around the world to discover and share visual information that they find helpful and exciting.

delete pinterest account without logging in

This effective tool is a fantastic marketing dynamo for generating new visitors and leads. This platform’s designers created it in a way that is unique from other websites in order to save ideas and tips. Even if this website differs a bit from more traditional platforms, individuals are frequently mystified by it. But once you figure it out, handling it is actually relatively easy.

Although some users want to say goodbye to the platform for a range of reasons, there is one significant issue: they have lost their login details. Since you are already here reading this blog, we can be certain that you are one of them. 

We want to clarify any confusion on how to delete a Pinterest account without logging in.

Let’s dig in and learn more about it if you’re ready.

Can You Delete Pinterest Account Without Logging In?

People frequently try to downplay Pinterest, comparing it to other well-known social media platforms. However, we must admit that it is much simpler to understand, and you also have an unlimited organic reach. But let’s not discuss that right now. We address one query in this section: Can you delete your Pinterest account without logging in? 

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no. 

If you don’t sign in to your account, there is no way for you to remove your Pinterest account

Despite the fact that it is a significant letdown, Pinterest can still be of use. The platform simplifies changing your password and restoring your login information. Additionally, they run a help center, which might also benefit you in this situation. 

So, let’s look at how you may delete your account and use these critical details for your benefit.

How to Delete Pinterest Account Without Logging In

1. Update Password & Delete Your Pinterest Account

There is a 100% probability that you have forgotten your Pinterest login information. It is because it would have been relatively simple to delete your account had you remembered it. However, considering you don’t have access to it, your next best course of action is to attempt a password reset. 

You’re not alone if you’ve forgotten the password, so don’t panic. Sometimes it might be challenging to stay on top of everything, and you might have forgotten it. Pinterest is aware of this. 

Thus, by providing the option to reset, they are essentially offering you a second chance to get access to your account. So, utilize this opportunity the most.

In any case, if you’re unsure how to proceed, don’t worry; we’ll be pleased to guide you through it.

Steps to change your Pinterest password:

Step 1: To reset your password, you must head to the Pinterest website. 

Step 2: On the page, enter your email address and tap on the Continue option. You will be directed to the Log in page. 

Step 3: Is there a Forgotten password? option right under the Log in option. You must click on it. 

Step 4: Upon doing so, you will get a message: Password reset email sent on your registered email ID. Tap on OK

In the email, you will get the instructions for selecting a new password for your account. If you don’t get the email, choose the Tap here to resend the link. 

Step 5: Open your Email where you have received the mail. Do you see a Reset password link in the red box? Tap on it. 

You must note that Pinterest gives you 24 hours to pick your password. If you fail to do so, you will have to request a new one. 

Step 6: Pick a new password and hit the Log in button. Your password will be successfully updated.

2. Deactivate your account instead

Keep in mind that you also have the choice to deactivate your account if you are still uncertain about the deletion. People occasionally deactivate their social media accounts in order to reconnect with their actual lives, which is something that can be desperately necessary at times.

Taking a break from social media is a wonderful idea since we all experience social media burnout. You have the choice to deactivate your account rather than taking the drastic measure of deleting it and losing everything altogether.

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