Can You Recover Deleted Pinterest Board?

Recover Deleted Pinterest Board: Pinterest attracts the attention of a large number of users by providing them with an option to save any image they want as pins. You could save and manage different pins and media content on boards.

recover deleted pinterest board

Have you ever deleted Pinterest boards and then wanted to restore them?

Let’s take possibilities for recovering your missing, disappeared, or deleted boards on Pinterest.

Can You Recover Deleted Pinterest Board?

Unfortunately, you can’t recover deleted Pinterest board. If you have manually deleted a Pinterest board, you might have glimpsed the statement, “Once you delete a board and all its Pins, you can’t undo it!” You would have seen this notice not once but twice before you deleted a Pinterest board.

recover deleted pinterest board

That statement undoubtedly indicates that you will not be able to recover the deleted Pinterest board.

Additionally, in case you haven’t scanned the Pinterest support center, this is the statement that you’ll find mentioned there “…deleted pins or board cannot be recovered.”

recover deleted pinterest board

However, if you did not delete the Pinterest board manually, and it disappeared automatically from your account, there are some steps you can take from your end to recover those missing boards.

As the Pinterest boards are missing, you might think that you’re the one who deleted them accidentally. But most Pinterest users report saying that their boards are disappearing from their saved section.

Hence, if a board is missing, some methods could probably help you. In the proceeding sections, we will discuss in detail the ways to recover the missing or lost boards on Pinterest.

Pinterest Board Disappeared? Here’s How to Recover

1. Use Backup

Many Pinterest users share the links of the backups over emails and social media. These links can be your backup for retrieving the missing boards. In order to bring the deleted pins back, check your emails or social media to find the link to the boards.

As you open those links, you will get a message that reads “the board you’re trying to access is deleted”. Just below this message, you will find a restore button. From here, you can restore the Pinterest board.

2. Use Different Pinterest Accounts

If you don’t remember deleting the Pinterest boards, then there is a good chance you have logged into a different Pinterest account. If that’s the reason why your Pinterest board is missing or it looks different, worries not! You can use your email to log into different Pinterest accounts until you find the right one.

3. Get Your Group Board Back

If you had joined a group board and now you can’t find the board anymore on your dashboard, then the group admin must have removed you or you must have removed yourself. You can request the admin to add you again so that you can find the group board.

Here’s how you can:

  • Find the board that you’d like to join.
  • Tap on the “Request to join” button.
  • Once your request gets approved, you’ll receive a push notification.
  • Now you can access the group board.

Final Words:

If none of these methods work, then try searching for a cached copy. Your last resort is the data recovery software. They may or may not work, but there’s nothing wrong with giving these software applications a try.

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