How to Change Date on Facebook Post (Backdate Facebook Post)

What did the poor human race do before Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook madness took over the world? Well, we passed on a smile to indicate that we liked something. We took our phones and dialed a number to update our friends, and tagging was nothing but a kid’s activity. To convey a message to a group of individuals, you had to perform the tedious task of sending an email with a CC list that appeared like your phone’s contact list!

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At the core of Facebook’s proliferation lies a service that has revolutionized and expanded over the recent decades; it is the art of human communication. Back in 2004, Facebook had about a million users. With approximately 2.91 billion active monthly users, Facebook is currently the most used social networking site. Interestingly India has the maximum number of Facebook users. Can you have a wild guess at the number? It’s a whopping 260 million, followed by the United States of America (180 million), Indonesia (130 million), and Brazil (120 million). 

Facebook played along the lines of allowing people to maintain long-distance relationships and reconnect with individuals over lost years. It tapped into a yearning that sprouted with the geographic dispersion of people. For example, you might have faint memories of your childhood neighbor, and over the years, you have lost touch as the family shifted to a different city.

But every time you skim through the photo album, you wonder if you could reconnect with your neighbor somehow. Well then, Facebook is the perfect online platform for you! Alternatively, you left your hometown for a job; you moved on. Still, Facebook made maintaining your relationships an easy-breezy task by giving you updates on your nephew’s college trip and reminding you of your aunt’s birthday.

Out of the multiple features that Facebook offers to its users, one is the ability to backdate a Facebook post or change the date of an existing post. In today’s blog, we will discuss how to change the date of a Facebook post and other related concepts.

Why Should You Change Date of Facebook Post?

Facebook provides you with the opportunity to backdate your new post. Backdating essentially means setting the publish date for your post to an earlier date rather than opting for the actual date and time when you are posting it.

Backdating your Facebook posts make sense when you have just opened a page for your business promotions and you wish to create the idea that you are actively engaging with your target audience for a while. Facebook also gives you the option of changing the dates of an existing Facebook post to sometime in the past.

On your personal profile, you might want to alter the Facebook posts date for several reasons. For example, you went on a trip with your friends, but you posted the pictures later on, and you want to change the dates of the posts to the time when you were on the trip. So, in such a situation, the Edit date option of Facebook comes to your rescue.

How to Change Date on Facebook Post

On Facebook, you can change the dates of your Facebook posts, including life events and static and video posts. The posts move to a different spot on your timeline when you change the dates. However, you must note that Facebook allows you to change dates only to an earlier time.

For instance, if you post a photograph of your Goa trip on 2nd February, you can change the date to 10th December. Unfortunately, you won’t be allowed to push the date to a specific time in the future. Here’s is a step-by-step guide following which you can change the date of a Facebook post on your timeline.

Step 1: Go to the official Facebook website on your desktop and log in with your email id and password.

Step 2: On the left-hand side of your screen, your name and profile picture appear at the top of a list. Click on your name.

Step 3: Your Facebook profile will appear as soon as you click on your name.

Step 4: Now, scroll down to spot the Facebook post whose date you want to change.

Step 5: Click on the More option (horizontal three dots icon), which appears on the top right corner of your post.

Step 6: The moment you click on the three dots icon, you will find a menu on your screen.

Step 7: Towards the bottom of the list, you will find the Edit date option. Click on Edit date. Edit date appears in between the Turn off transactions and Embed options.

Step 8: Now, an edit date box will open on your screen. Below Where should this go on your timeline? appears the Date section. Click on this section and enter your preferred date for the post.

Step 9: Now click on Time and enter the changed time for your Facebook post.

Step 10: Click on the blue Done button in the final step.

Sounds pretty simple? So, that’s how you can change the date of your Facebook post on your timeline.

It is essential to note that you can change the dates of a particular post on Facebook by using your desktop. You can’t make the Facebook app work for you for this purpose. Alternatively, you can also log in to your account through the Facebook website and then choose the Desktop site option on your smartphone. After that, follow the same steps as mentioned in the other method and make the changes accordingly.

How to Backdate Facebook Post Before Publishing on Page

If you run a Facebook business page and you want to backdate your Facebook post, please follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Visit your Facebook page and go to the Publishing Tools. You can spot it on the left side of your screen.

Step 2: After that, from the Publishing Tools, click Creator Studio.

Step 3: In this step, click on the Create Post option and write your post.

Step 4: Once you have written your post, click on the Share now button with an arrow.

Step 5: The moment you click on Share now, a pop-up menu will appear on your screen. From the menu, choose the Backdate option.

Step 6: As the last step, you need to set the Date and Time of your post.

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