How to Track Who Owns TextNow Number

Are you looking for ways that would help you track a TextNow number? If yes, then you must read this article to get a clear idea of what TextNow is, how it works, and find if there is a way through which we can track a TextNow number. Before we move into tracking TextNow numbers, for people who aren’t aware of TextNow, let us have a brief idea of what actually TextNow is.

track who owns textnow number

TextNow first came into the market as a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service that would enable calling and texting over WiFi by providing a phone number. Now, we have an app that does exactly the same thing but its services have been widening. But we also have WhatsApp, Telegram, and many other messaging apps that allow us to make calls and send texts over WiFi. So why TextNow?

How to Track Who Owns TextNow Number

According to TextNow support, they do not reveal information about the identity of a person who is using a particular number. So if you plan to reach out to their support team, that wouldn’t be much of a help to you. You may try visiting the profile which you want to track. If the user has entered the correct details, you will be able to track him/her. A TextNow number can be tracked by the following details:

  • If the user has entered his correct email address, you would be able to get some idea.
  • The first name and last name are also displayed on the account details. So, if those details are correct, you would get to know the name of the person.
  • Try to observe the phone call history of your TextNow account and try to find if the number is present in the records. You could then try to figure it out by memory.
  • You may also check the text history records to find out if you have interacted with that number before.
  • The user can be tracked using the IP address information of the device being used but again you won’t be having access to the IP related information.

As per the privacy policy of TextNow, it does capture a lot of data of the user like the IP address, email details, device information, telephone log information, messages, and a lot more information but TextNow won’t be sharing anything with you. Only if you are an investigating officer of a case or a government law enforcement officer who has the right to access those data as ordered by the court, only then TextNow would share user-related data with you.

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