Does Snapchat Notify Screenshots During Video Call?

Snapchat is the app that has us all in its grip because messages vanish into thin air, filters make us cool (and uncool), and the fact that there is just so much to discover. Before you plunge blindly into its fleeting changes, you should be aware of a sly lurker who frequently blocks a lot of your plans: the screenshot notifications.

does snapchat notify screenshots during video call

The app might alert you with a screenshot notification every chance they get. So, if you think you can just capture a picture your sweetheart sent you, think again since the app will detect it and let them know about it too.

They will not only send your crush a notification to their phone, but they will also leave a notification in your chat window that you might never be able to escape.

Now, many Snapchat users wish to know whether the app will notify the other person that they have taken screenshots. You’re at the right place if you have the same inquiries. Let’s go right to it and get the answers.

Does Snapchat Notify Screenshots During Video Call?

Have you ever been in a deep conversation with your friend, and they gave you silly expressions that you would regret not capturing? Well, that would make the two of us. Whether it’s a genuine giggle or a glare, we want to record it all to share on their upcoming birthdays!

But wait, don’t you have this sneaking suspicion that the person will know you screenshotted them during the video call? Well, we’re sure all os us have it, and we must address this curiosity properly to put our minds at ease, right?

Now, let’s cut to the chase because we have so much to discuss. So, here’s the thing: Snapchat notifies the user saying the user (you!) took a screenshot of the call.

However, when we tested this at home with two phones, here’s what happened-

So, we dialed the freshly installed Snapchat on one device (let’s call it Device A) from Device B. We used device B to take a screenshot! Guess what happened?

Both devices immediately received a screenshot notification as well as a notification alert in the chat box too. Yes, it also displayed a warning in-chat that read, you took a screenshot of call!

But the following instant, we slightly changed the setting, and this time, Device A initiated the call. And, well, no screenshot notification was detected. We attempted video calling on both smartphones to double-check everything, and nothing was screenshotted after that. Keep in mind that both of these smartphones were Android.

Well, in any case, you must be careful and avoid secretly taking screenshots on the platform because the fact that it allows screenshot recognition still stands.

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