How to Send Snap to Everyone at Once

Social is more prevalent today than ever before. If you don’t trust us, you don’t need to believe what we’re saying; just go to any café near your house and check it out yourself. You’ll see several teens snapping away at their coffees and their friends and the random aesthetic knick-knacks. Do you think it’s a controllable problem for teenagers to be addicted to social media? Initially, online networking sites were made with the needs of adults in mind; it was an obvious presumption because not everything adults do is permissible for a teen.

send snap to everyone at once

And while this still holds in many areas, it would appear that it isn’t accurate in terms of social media.

One plausible reason behind this might be that internet is a sheep in wolf’s clothing. We know that it’s a useful tool upon which even our existence depends to an extent, but moderation is key, especially in resources that can seem, and even are, endless.

We aren’t saying that the internet is an entirely bad place and that teenagers and kids should be outright forbidden to use it. All we’re asking is for some balance, a limit to their usage.

Not only because it’s potentially harmful and generally problematic but because it’s a source of entertainment for an age group that doesn’t need any entertainment. Their daily life is about learning and creating new things and concepts, which is entertainment enough, don’t you think?

For example, it’s a good idea to restrict Snapchat to teenagers ages 16 and above. This will encourage younger teens to focus more on their mental and physical growth rather than on which celebrity couple is the talk of the town this week.

In today’s blog, we’ll talk about how you can send a snap to everyone in your friend list at once. To learn all about it, keep reading until the end!

Is It Possible to Send Snap to Everyone at Once?

Snapchat is one of the best online platforms for making friends. We’re aware of Bumble Friends and other sites that specialize in helping users meet like-minded people, but Snapchat is a little bit different than that.

Many people claim it’s a placebo effect; since the users put too many expectations on actual friendship sites, they don’t work. However, Snapchat is a way for them to just connect with people who’re already their friends, which is why it works better.

If you don’t know what we’re talking about, let us explain. Snapchat has a Quick-Add section.

where people you might know are listed. This includes friends of your friends and Snapchat users in your contact list. It tries to add as much relevance as possible; people who frequently hang out in your locality are also often added. Users that your friends mention in their stories are on that list, as are users who’ve ever searched for you on Snapchat.

The best thing is, it’s highly probable that your new best friend is an old classmate you’ve always seen or your new neighbor. So, unlike other social media platforms where you’re connected with random strangers, you won’t be going out on a limb about that person’s identity. Doesn’t that sound like such a great concept?

Just sign up on Snapchat, connect with your friends, and check the Quick-Add section every once in a while for new faces!

Now, you have a flourishing online presence with many friends, sending them several snaps daily. You have long streaks and a snap score that all your friends are jealous of. However, they don’t know a problem that plagues you every day: it’s a hassle to select all those users every time you need to send a snap.

Well, don’t worry because that’s not going to be one of your problems for a long now.

Here’s how to send snaps to everyone at once

Step 1: Launch Snapchat on your smartphone and log in to your account.

Step 2: The first screen you’ll land on is the Snapchat camera. Tap anywhere on the screen, and all the amazing Snapchat filters will appear. At the bottom, you’ll see a white circle.

send snap to everyone at once

Step 3: Swipe left on the filters row to explore newer filters recommended for you. Stop on the one you like the most.

Step 4: Tap on the white circle to capture a picture, and long press on it to record a video. You can also slowly drag your finger upwards while recording a video to zoom in.

send snap to everyone at once

Step 5: On the next page, you can tap anywhere on the screen to add a caption to your image. On the right, locate the several icons to enhance and add stickers and other edits to your snap.

send snap to everyone at once

Step 6: At the bottom right corner of the screen, you’ll see a yellow icon with the word Next and an arrow beside it. Tap on it.

send snap to everyone at once

Step 7: Now you can either select all your friends one by one or you could create a quick Shortcut for an easy fix. Tap on the Create Shortcut button at the top right side of the screen.

send snap to everyone at once

Step 8: Choose all the people you wish to add to the shortcut. You’ll see a bar at the top of the screen with the words Choose emoji. You can use an emoji for a shortcut or name it ‘friends,’ ‘snap streaks,’ or ‘family.’

send snap to everyone at once

Step 9: Tap on the blue Create Shortcut button.

send snap to everyone at once

Step 10: Now tap on the shortcut’s name at the left corner of the screen and send the snap!

send snap to everyone at once

In the end

As we end this blog, let’s recap all we’ve discussed today.

It can be quite a hassle to select all your friends on your Snapchat account whenever you need to send a snap. However, Snapchat has foreseen this issue and has a solution for it! Just create a shortcut with all your friends, and you’re good to go!

You can also create a separate shortcut for just your friends or just your family, or just your classmates and acquaintances.

If our blog has helped you, don’t forget to tell us all about it in the comments below!

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