How to Track Tinder Account (Tinder Location Tracker)

Track Someone’s Location on Tinder: Tinder is your one-stop platform for finding a perfect match. With millions of people searching for the right partner on the app, it has become an ideal destination for those wanting to connect with people. It goes without saying that you will want to know the current location of the target on Tinder since you are building a long-term relationship with them.

track location of someone's tinder account

Basically, there is no need to search for the location separately, as Tinder only connects you with people based in your city or those who are close to you. Tinder collects your IP address and stores this information on its server, but you can rest easy knowing that the app does not reveal this information to any third party.

Tinder prioritizes your safety more than anything, which is why it collects your IP address to ensure that you are an authentic user.

Now, the question is what if you want to track location of someone’s Tinder account.

Suppose you want to meet the person or simply see them in person, but you don’t want to ask them about it. Basically, Tinder shows you vague details of someone’s location by suggesting the distance between you two. That, however, doesn’t reveal the exact address of the target.

The easiest way to do that is by tracking someone’s location on Tinder. In this post, we will share some quick and effective tips that will help you find IP address and location of a target user on Tinder.

Can You Track Location of Someone’s Tinder Account?

Since Tinder doesn’t reveal the IP address of the target user, the only way you can know their current location is through Grabify IP Logger. First things first, you need to know the interest of the target. The goal is to provide them with a link they will be interested in clicking.

For example, if you are searching for the location of someone who’s interested in sports, you need to find a page that has interesting news on sports-related content.

How to Track Tinder Account Location (Tinder Location Tracker)

Method 1: Grabify IP Logger

Visit Grabify and paste the copied link to get a shortened URL. Copy the tracking code. You are supposed to send this link to the target and get them to click on this URL so that they will be redirected to Grabify.

The procedure is a bit complicated and may not work for everyone. You are supposed to start a conversation with the target person, become friends with them, and share a link to the page you have just copied.

The moment they click on the link, they will be redirected to Grabify for a few seconds before they are taken back to the sports-related page. They will barely notice that their IP address has been recorded. Once you are certain they have opened the link, you can go back to grabify, paste the code to get the IP address of the target.

Note: As mentioned above, this method works only if the person clicks on the link. The problem is that most people know about this trick already, so there is a chance the person you are targeting may not click on the link. Make sure you don’t send the link directly. Initiate a conversation and insert the link in between the messages to ensure that it looks genuine and they click on it.

Method 2: Tinder Location Tracker Tools

Since there’s no way Tinder tells you the location of its users, your only option is using third-party tools. The problem is that these tools may or may not work. In fact, there are tons of scam tools claiming to detect the IP address or exact location of the user, but they barely work. These tools either keep loading or they ask you to complete a survey and then return with no results. Still, there are a few tools that do work. All you need is a little research.

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